$5 Million Dollars Bribe Accusation inside Osun State House of Assembly, Femi Otedola vs Farouk Lawan string operation comes to mind!

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

$5 Million Dollars Bribe Accusation inside Osun State House of Assembly, Femi Otedola vs Farouk Lawan string operation comes to mind!!!

Mama Tawa Williams was the consultant appointed by Former Governor Oyetola to provide water for the good people of Ilesha predominantly and Ijesha in general. This project appears one of the most lucrative parole supervised under the APC. For years that money have been sunk and continues to sink on that project, the hope that water would ever run out of the taps and through the pipes in Ilesha appears threatened due to endemic corruption. A mere consultant is riding an automobile in the region of what should be in the purview of a Governor and heaven did not fall. The assets recovery and inventory committee set up by the State Government under Basiru Salami PhD had stated that Mama Tawa is riding a project vehicle worth of #75 million but Iya Tawa had said her official car was only probably worth and purchased at #45 million. In Osun State where consultants cruise in costly automobiles, I make bold to say that we have permanent secretaries without a single official car by the information available before the assets recovery committee. Was this proper and Oyetola sanctioned it? The assets recovery committee could be right, perhaps the #75 million figure is the current market survey. How many consultants does Osun State have under Oyetola’s APC and did Osun provide multi million cars for all of her consultants under Oyetola? To imagine that this reckless abuse happened under Oyetola who had prided himself albeit incorrectly as an encyclopedia of finance is embarrassingly unfortunate. This is another reason why the public and the generality must believe the assets recovery committee set up by Governor Ademola Adeleke. The Chairman of the board of Osun State College of Education Ilesha who is an APC member had only served in office for just 8 months, the institution was mandated to purchase an multi million naira official car for his usage with loan which the institution is still servicing and repaying till date, however the APC board Chairman was asked to take home his debt tied car and there are plenty nefarious instances like that that were supervised under Oyetola. The APC ran this state aground that there will be no state again after Oyetola lost his reelection.

Tawa Williams have come out to drop a bombshell that the House of Assembly is a parliament of bribes. Engineer Tawa said the House Committee Chairman on Water Resources Honourable Olateju Babatunde Nasiru of Irepodun/Orolu constituency demanded for a bribe of $5 million ( Five Million Dollars ). Was Honourable Wasiu acting on instruction on behalf of the committee of the whole or for his own water resources committee or for his own personal covetousness?

I think at this point the Speaker Rt Honourable Timothy Owoeye must be encouraged to speak to this inglorious conduct as to whether the House leadership sent Olateju Babatunde Nasiru to demand this 5 million dollars bribe? I still want to to assume that Speaker Timothy Owoeye or the House is innocent. But there will be strong reason to conclude that Osun State House of Assembly is complicit if it either did not subject its member Nasiru to investigation or call on Iya wa Tawa the Ilesha water consultant to come forward and explain her accusation with further facts. If this does not happen, it will be rightly assumed that the Chairman House Committee on Water Resources was not acting alone and that this may not be the first business of bribe being supervised in the House of Assembly.

Finally, I wish to meet Speaker Timothy Owoeye to ask him personally if he was happy that the money that is voted for the provision of quality and potable water for Ilesha and environs has become a subject of controversy leading to an attempted lining of the pockets of a few under his nostrils in the House of Assembly, being a Son of Ijesha and a native of Ilesha himself.

Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS
Social Commentator,
Osun State.

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