*4 + 4 Slogan Is Too Early Now; It Is A Reflection Of Directionless, Irresponsible and Parochial Government*

*4 + 4 Slogan Is Too Early Now; It Is A Reflection Of Directionless, Irresponsible and Parochial Government*

By: Alh. Khalid Ibraheem

Any responsible government with a clear direction whose people gave mandate of a term of four years will not start 4 + 4 campaign in less than one year in office

This clearly played out in the immediate past administration of Osun led by Alh. Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola where 4 + 4 became order of the day in less than six months in office and throughout the administration. The slogan later became greeting mode to quickly identify the true loyalists of Ileri Oluwa within APC family. Thank God we are all living witnesses

This is simply a reflection of a directionless, Irresponsible and self centered government

His Excellency, Governor Ademola Adeleke must not be misled given to the fact that he’s a governor with aristocratic background whose family’s history even beyond Osun is enough to infere that he is here for transformation and exhumation of Osun

For who cares to know, Osun is seriously begging for a clear direction, a true democrat, a friendly, selfless, listening and God fearing Governor.

While on a condolence visit with my leader, Alh. Munirudeen Raji to His Excellency in his Ede country home during the unforgettable incident of Ifeanyi (Davido’s son), a co-visitor from Capital Area, Osogbo whose name will not be mentioned here suddenly turned the sitting room of Mr. Governor to prayer ground. He prayed for the deceased, his parents and Adeleke’s family. He committed the administration of Mr. Governor to the hands of God, immediately he began prayer for 4 + 4 for the reason best known to him, Mr. Governor didn’t say amen aloud again.

The above narrative would make one understand that Mr. Governor is not power monger and service to humanity is very high on the list of his priorities

Using his one month in office as basis for the experiment, it is a clear reflection of the fact that the orange tree of this administration will give Osun people sweetable fruits

The expectation of Osun people is very high in Governor Ademola Adeleke and to me and the reasonable ones, the preparatory ground within one month has shown us the type of the baby inside the womb of Adeleke’s administration

He has shown us his readiness for transparency, accountability, prudence, enabling environment, promotion of peace, rule of law, recognition of traditional rulers, people’s opinions among others

Without any fear of contradiction, this government is a government of the people made by the people and as an insider it will equally be for the people

Hence, all we need for at this point in time for Mr. Governor is our continued prayers and supports in all ramifications not song of 4 + 4 from beginning like that of directionless administration who turned a system of government that respect people’s opinion to an authocratic government especially in the last two months in office

Let me assure you here that performance of Governor Ademola Adeleke will definitely earn him another term in office. His case will be a replica of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola in his first term in office genuinely received support of Osun people from left, right and center to run for another term considering his performance within 3 years in office

Politics in the real sense particularly in the democratic world is about seriousness, readiness, selflessness, governance, management of people, management of resources and above all it’s about who gets what, when and how.

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