An Abuja High court nullifies the candidature of senator Ademola Adeleke, says he is not qualified to contest for any election in nigeria.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Fct High Court, Bwari, Abuja.
The proceedings started at exactly 2:38pm,the counsels for all the parties made their appearances. The judgement that took almost 3hours was of great indept because the judge of the High court went through all the motion, proceedings and the debates of both counsels for the claimants and defendants. The defendants prayed the honourable court to both struck out and dismissed the claimants case because the tribunal have ruled on the case that the court can’t also do likewise. Also, the defendants as well, talked on the jurisdiction of the court to entertain the case and other prayers but the judge told them that the subject matter is of result forgery. According to the constitution and other relevant laws, any person that is greive with the affidavit presented by any individual can approach any Federal High court, State High court and Fct High court for redress. The court further dismissed most of their claims and even award cost on the defendants.The judge then said that the principal of the said school gave different exhibits on the result and testimonial presented,that the result the principal brought didn’t show any school name and the other one having school name. Also,Adeleke was admitted in the said school 1976 but he didn’t passed out as stated. With all the evidence presented before the honourable court, the defendant is hereby disqualified from contesting because at the beginning even before the primary, he should not have contested. The counsel to the defendants, Mr Oke SAN, told the court that they will appeal the judgement. Segun Oyetunji.

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