2023: Asiwaju Tinubu is the most competent to succeed Buhari – comrade AbdulAkeem Alawuje as he expresses  confidence in Jagaban leadership qualities.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

2023: Asiwaju Tinubu is the most competent to succeed Buhari – comrade AbdulAkeem Alawuje as he expresses  confidence in Jagaban leadership qualities.

Comrade AbdulAkeem Alawuje,the coordinator of Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ), the social political pressure group shopping for Jagaban Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu 2023 presidency in the interview immediately after Eid Kabir celebrations explained the motives behind the formation of the pressure group and expressed confidence that the group is succeeding and will definitely actualize the dream of installing Jagaban as the next president of Nigeria 🇳🇬 after the incumbent Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.
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Comrade Alawuje please can you tell us the full meaning of DOJ,
Ans – DOJ means Disciples of Jagaban, and the Disciples means the followers and the believers of Asiwaju bola Hamed Tinubu.

Question- But we are having deffrents groups for Tinubu across the country, why the Disciples be the most strongest and widest global network for the same Asiwaju,

Answer- Every groups has their own names but the combination and the collaboration of the first eight leaders movement for Asiwaju that are called Disciples of Jagaban,

Question- What about others that are not in collaboration with you?

Answer- We are all Disciples of Jagaban, don’t forget how I discribed the political meaning of the DOJ, the lovers, the followers those who believe in his leadership, believe in his competency to lead,
those who believe that when you even want to base your argument on competency he is the most competent and experience one,
Those who believe that all young governors of todays are still learning from his good governance input as when he was a governor, those are the DOJ,
DOJ is not a movement that any body can rubbish, is the only masses political movement,

Look don’t allow anybody with a big name to manipulate you, if anybody is talking about the competency, Asiwaju is the most competent one, ability to control himself in stability as an opposition for good sixteen years, that is what we call competency,
Positive impact in the development of the state, road construction, infastructure , standard education for the children, good health care as a governor, good management of the resources, even when federal government refused to give state allocations for years,

If you believe the people you are leading must suffer, must be cripple from your leadership, is that what you call competency?

The blood pressure of all people in your state, rose because of how you comercialize Insecurities in the state, kidnappers, bandits, killing of the Innocents souls every here and there, is that what you people called competency?
We all know how armed robbers operated before Tinubu in Lagos, go there as a teacher with your pen and writing material let him teach you, how he handle it, afterall he was never a military officer but he stop what all the previous military governors in Lagos could not stop,

You cannot secure lives and properties of the residents and they are talking of competency and you are shaking head,

Seventy percent of the people in the states rain curses on you on daily basis, you are still busy deceiving yourself on competency,

Question- What do you see about the recent outburst of Mhama Daura?

Answer – To me the recent outburst of Alhaji Maama Daura, is indirectly campaigning for Asiwaju, anyway I don’t know his intentions, but to me, I know him very well, I have been together with him in general Muhammad Buhari house more than thirty deference occasions , I still want to believe he can not consider anybody that can not safe lives and properties of the people of his state as a competent one, if he does, that means he wants all Nigerians in more problems.

With all indication Jagaban leads Nigerians masses follow.

Comrade AbdulAkeem Alawuje, National coordinator Disciples Of Jagaban (DOJ).

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