World Institute for Peace (WIP) appoints Ambassador for state of Odisha, India..

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Read about Dr. Namita Laxmi Jagaddeb, the newly appointed ambassador for the State of Odisha.

Dr. Namita Laxmi Jagaddeb, a native Bahada (Khandapada), Dist. Nayagarh (Odisha) holds a Master Degree, M.Phil & Ph.D in English from Berhampur University, Odisha (India). She has been serving as a lecturer in Deptt. of English, Mahima Degree College, Bijapali, Jharsuguda, Odisha (India) since 1997. She writes poems in Odia and English on a variety of themes, chiefly on peace, nature, love, womanhood and divinity. The poems are marked for elegance of beauty and intimacy of appeal.

Namita’s poems appear in the literary journals of the State as well as in International anthologies such as (i) WWW-Women, Wit & Wisdom: International Multi-lingual Poetry Anthology of Women Poets (2017); (ii) Amaravati Poetic Prism, 2017: International Multi-lingual Poetry Anthology; (iii) The Harmony: Indo African Poetic Footprints Vol.1 (2018); (iv) Tranquil Muse (2018); (v) Petals of Peace (2019), (vi) My Tears (2019); (vii) IPA: ICMBR Poetry Anthology (2019); (viii) Galatika Poetike “Atunis” (International web page; (ix) Forever You (2019); (x) Setu-March 2019 “Women, Power and Creativity” (Pittsburg, USA) etc. She is an official member of World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan, which conferred upon her International Diploma, ‘TEMIRQAZYQ- the Best Poet-Writer of the World, 2018’, ‘World Laureate in Literature-2018’ and ‘World Poetic Star’ for 2019. She also translates Odia poems into English and English poems into Odia. Her book of translation titled “My Love, My Seasons” has been published by Black Eagle Books, Dublin, OH, USA in April 2019 and web-released by Hon’ble Governor of Odisha. She is associated with “Rock Pebbles”, a UGC approved, peer reviewed journal of language and literature as Chief Sub-Editor.

As regards her critical engagements, she is a Life Member of The Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment (FSLE), India (A Chapter of ASLE-USA); Balavanta Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences, Baroda; Osmania University Centre for International Programmes, Hyderabad and Honorary Member of the Editorial Board of IJBST Group of Journals. She has been participating and presenting Research Papers in different National and International Seminars and Conferences in India and abroad.

Her writings focus, among other things, the importance of English for a multi-lingual Indian society and for inter-cultural communication among nations; the need for value based education for the youth in the context of globalization; fostering peace, fellow-feeling, awareness of ecology, love for nature and non-human.

Recently, she has received the Biyotkesh Tripathy Best Paper Award (Runners Up) in the International Conference on Performing the Nation, 2019, organized by Berhampur University. Many of her critical articles have been published in different reputed journals.

Further, she has been working for women empowerment by creating awareness among women about the need for their education, self-defence and self-dependence. In recognition of her contribution to society, she has been awarded Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi Gold Medal in 2018 by GEPRA, Tamil Nadu (India). Recently, she has been nominated to receive Literoma Women Achiever Award for 2019

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