Why we are proud of Buhari, Osinbajo —AGF leader

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Why we are proud of Buhari, Osinbajo —AGF leader

How would you assess the administration of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola in Osun State so far?

It is too early to start to evaluate the performance of the governor. There are lots of things involved in governance and it takes those who have in-depth knowledge of the plans the governor has for Osun State. But I am very optimistic that he will deliver on all his campaign promises.

How would you describe the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration of President Muhammadu Buhari?

The Muhammadu Buhari/Yemi Osinbajo administration is the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria and as a group, we are very proud to be associated with their successes. This is the result of the foresight and focus of a man who stood against all odds, a man who sacrificed everything to make sure that the Nigeria project is first in everything that he is doing and that is no other person than Senator Bola Tinubu, together with many other progressives, who stood firmly by him during the struggles.

What is the Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation all about?

The formation of the group was borne out of a strong passion, loyalty, dedication, commitment and love for right-minded youths and progressives who love dearly, that great leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who has achieved so much in ensuring the survival of democracy and sustenance of the rule of law in Nigeria. One of the things we did at our inaugural convergence was to look for ways to celebrate the achievements of our beloved principal and Africa’s living legend – while he is still alive – unlike what generally obtains, where leaders and great achievers are only celebrated after death.

It was there and then we agreed to name the group Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation, which is now serving as the umbrella organisation for all progressives and intellectual grassroots political loyalists who uphold and believe in the leadership qualities of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The main objective is to promote and propagate his philosophies and ideologies in Nigeria and abroad towards enhancing social, political and economic development of the masses and the downtrodden in the society. And that is what we have been doing for about nine years of the group’s existence.

What impact has the movement had on the general well-being of the common man, especially the youth?

To the best of our ability, we have been able to impact so much on our immediate societies and we have helped in youth development in several ways. As part of our activities, we have had programmes such as JAMB/WAEC preparation classes for secondary school students and we distribute examination forms to those who do excellently well in mock examinations prepared by our consultants at the end of the programmes. We have assisted many underprivileged and destitute through donations and meeting of their critical needs. And we normally organise zakat programme during the eid celebrations. We visit orphanages with all our members and some dignitaries to celebrate the festival with the inmates with lots of dancing, encouraging words, food items and goodwill message from Asiwaju Tinubu who we know always has them in mind. We also organise symposiums, seminars and other related programmes that focus on human capital development and national unity. We also put together annual special prayers, Ramadan lectures and Christmas carol where we pray for Asiwaju Tinubu and all leaders of our dear nation. These and many more highly impactful programmes are what we have been doing in all our chapters and which we will improve on as the years roll by.

What is your vision for the foundation?

We will continue drumming up support for Asiwaju Tinubu as the rallying point for the actualisation of the Nigeria of our dreams.

Does the movement, as a politically-oriented organisation, have interests in other areas than politics?

Yes, we take very active interest in educational support programmes and leadership training; entrepreneurship empowerment and agricultural training; grassroots health sensitisation, outreach programmes, as well as charity programmes.

What value will your new leadership add to the foundation?

With the help of the Almighty God, my administration is poised to reposition the foundation and ensure we maximise our potentialities at all levels of human endeavour. I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to serve as this has always been my core competence. Leadership, for me, is service.

What is your view on the state of security in the country?

It is so pathetic and we will overcome the challenges by the special grace of God. So far, this government has achieved a lot but we there are lots of factors mitigating against the efforts of the government and our security agencies. The issue of security is our collective responsibility and all hands must be on deck to put a stop to the menace.

How old is the movement and what do you think the future holds for it?

The group has been waxing strong for nine years now. AGF’s official national launching was on Sunday, 7 July, 2013. However, the group has been in existence since 2010.

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