Why thugs slapped me during electoral campaigns – John Okafor

Why thugs slapped me during electoral campaigns – John Okafor

Legendary Nollywood actor, John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, has recounted his experience during the recently concluded electioneering campaigns.
The actor who said he was “partially involved” in politicking, narrated how he was manhandled by thugs while campaigning for his preferred candidate.
He was featured in a recent interview by Vanguard TV.
Okafor said: “Nigerian politics [laughs]. Partially, I was involved o. The only thing different is that there were some situations where there was thuggery.
“Where we went to campaign, I received slaps from people that I don’t even know. But there was so much to slap because it didn’t mean anything to me.
“I collected like three or four slaps, free, from other boys. ‘Why did you come here? [They asked]Before I answer that question, gbosa! You won’t even like the sound of the slap because the people that are slapping are idiots because their slap is not human,” he recalled.
On his long absence from the industry, Mr Ibu said his comeback movie was already in the works, adding that the shooting was halted because of the current situation of the country.

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