Why the general belief that Nigerian school leavers are not employable By Professor Siyan Oyeweso.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

There is a general believe among employers of Labour that many Nigeria youths, particularly the secondary school leavers and graduates of some tertiary institutions are simply un-employable because they lack the battery of skills required for job performance expected of holders of the different categories of certificates that they parade around.

Also, indolence, ignorance, shoddiness, arrogance and ill manners are well-known bed fellows.

Hence, some of the major manifestations of a combination of indolence and youth unemployment /unemployability in Nigeria today include the upsurge in examination malpractices at all levels of our educational system, the rise in crime rate (particularly kidnapping by some criminals as young as 20years old, a national tragedy for which Ibadan-Ilesa-Akure express road has become notorious in the last six months, the menace of drug-abuse which has a direct correlation with violent crimes, increase in internet fraud /Scams,e.g,the notorious yahoo -yahoo boys and girls) as well as the increase in drug abuse.

Prof. Siyan Oyeweso Abdulgafar submitted

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