Who is Prophet Muhammad?

💢 Who’s Prophet Muhammad ❓

Muhammad is the last messenger in the long line of prophets .. He was sent to call all humans to worship God alone

He was a father, husband, teacher, leader and judge, an exemplary and perfect example of an honest, just, compassionate and courageous human being

prophet Muhammad PBUH existed in an evil community.. which was just like a forest

people of that community use to fight each other, rape poor women, drink alcohols, gambles, possess slaves and worshipping idols

then prophet Muhammad PBUH was given the message of Islam and he changed his community and the whole world

he call the to leave the worship of idols and to worship Allah the one true God

he taught them not to harm others by words or actions , not to tell lies , not drink alcohols as they corrupt minds , not to fight each other

he forbid slavery, gambling and rape

Prophet Muhammad PBUH taught us to live in peace and love with each other .. he said :

(( None of you truly believe until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself ))

he taught us that the true Muslim is the one who respect old people and merciful with young people

he taught us to smile and not to be arrogant

he taught us that there is no difference between white and black people .. all humans are equal in their rights and duties 🌷


He was the one who defended human rights 1400 years ago.

Defended the rights of men, women and children

He ordered and strengthened love between relatives and neighbors.

He established a symbiotic relationship between muslims and non-muslims

He regulated the relationship between family members, placing duties of sons and daughters towards parents

He fought injustice and demanded justice, love, unity and cooperation for good.

He called for help from the needy, visiting the sick, loving people and exchanging advice.

It prohibited (by god’s command) bad manners such as stealing, lying, torturing and killing.


he even taught us to be merciful even during the war .. here you are some of the prophet’s instructions during war 😄

1- don’t kill innocents our those who don’t carry weapons or those who surrender to you

2- don’t kill children or women or old people

3- don’t kill a monk or a priest or the clergy

4- don’t demolish a church or a temple or any building

5- Don’t cut down trees or plants

6- don’t kill animals

7- if the enemy surrender to you .. accept his surrender , feed him and treat him well


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