What is the hope for a common Man; Adeori Òkín Mandate.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Over 60% of the Nigerian population is currently looming in adverse poverty living below poverty line, the major reason of this is that only few of the buoyant elites has deem it fit to give back to the society.

With the current situation of our dear nation we dearly need ourselves to raise one another in anyway we could. If a larger percentage of the elites can start giving back to the society we will have a balance society in terms of basic needs and gradual eradication of poverty.

That is why Dr Richard Adekola Idowu launched RAI GLOBAL TRUST FOUNDATION to reach out to the vulnerables in our society. Ede/Egbedore/Ejigbo federal constituency has witnessed the philanthropic gesture of Ade-Ori-Okin, and he is not relenting but willing to do more for the people.

That is the major reason why DR RICHARD ADEKOLA IDOWU has seen it as a major task on himself to represent the good people of Ede federal constituency on a larger platform as a member of the federal house of representatives (MHR) come 2023.

The upliftment of a common man solely depends on having a compassionate and a visionary leader who has them at heart. The success of this mission is in the hands of every individual in EDE/ EGBEDORE/EJIGBO FED. CONSTITUENCY, for our mandate is the legit way to execute the problems of the common man.

Let us all come together and give DR RICHARD ADEKOLA IDOWU the strong support he needs, because he is ready to do more for his people base on his term “HOPE FOR HUMANITY”. Let’s trust the process, let’s believe in the process for a new dawn is about to begin.


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