What define You, a Must read article by Williams Johson Motunrayo.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Topic- What Defines You?


By Kami Jay empowerment foundation.
Part 1

What defines you as a person? What comes to people’s mind when your name is mentioned in the public? What comes to mind when your matter is brought to a platform? What diffrenciate or distinguish you from others? Could it be your dress sense either? hairdo, habit or transparency? What actually defines you? As your status tag you to be somebody who is never considerate, passionate or whose attributes and capacities are known to influence people or institution negatively.
What do people remember you for? What do you stand for in your street, office, family and even in your religious centres?
Are you known for igniting chaos in your office or family?
Henceforth, redefine yourself, if you are not doing it right because a life of no impact, is a life of no value. Live a life of emulation and you can achieve this by acting right.


(1)Stand for the truth at all times

(2)Promote good will message

(3)Avoid being double minded when involved in issues so that people can know what you stand for

(4)Join people to champion good cause

(5)Make positive impact where ever you find yourself

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