Vice president Yemi Osinbajo: Yorubas and their self destructive conspiracy.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


The social media of recent have been so busy with negative news about the VICE PRESIDENT, Professor YEMI OSINBAJO, a decent man of honour and integrity, senior Pastor of Redeemed church and an achiever prior to becoming the VICE PRESIDENT of the country.

Politics is known to be a game of deceit and deception, negative propaganda and character assassination but must we always destroy our best to gain political relevance and opportunity.

For past 48hrs, I have personally researched writings on most of the social media and surprisingly, not even one negative writing come from the northerners against the vice PRESIDENT neither have I come across any from our igbo brothers who are eagerly waiting to get the presidency come 2023. All the negatives vibes is coming from the so called arrogant, empty, barren and assumed intellectual sophisticated but politically ineffective group of people.

I still wonder of what importance is our assumed and exaggerated sophistication. Everything shared nationally is to our disadvantage. North east development commission, ministry of Niger Delta, NDDC, OMPADEC, QUOTAS SYSTEM, ACADEMIC DISADVANTAGE STATES, JUDICIARY, MILITARY, POPULATION WISE, FEDERAL RESOURCES ALLOCATION none favoured us yet we are always the first to destroy our best.
Shame and BIG SHAME on us all.

Apart from LAGOS STATE the rest of states in the southwest are economic lepers and should be defined or classified as economic disadvantage state yet you want to destroy your own. You are querying Osinbajo integrity. Thunder must be on recess

Late OBAFEMI AWOLOWO the best of his contemporaries was wasted ditto MKO ABIOLA and again in our unguarded and misguided malicious and mischievous political miscalculation and pull him syndrome, we are out again to destroy a refined best we can boast of now because of your hidden pay master whom I’m sure God will destroy.

We know your campaign is all about 2023 but sovereignty belongs to Almighty God. If it is the will of God for him to become PRESIDENT the grace that make him what he is today will still favour him despite your dedication and commitment to your paymasters and if not he will depart with his head high and in honour.

Until then, close your armoury of destruction and shut your evils posts.

Credit – Najeem Oyewumi

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