Tribute to late Senator Ayo Fashanmi,by his Excellency governor Gboyega Oyetola 👇

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Tribute to late Senator Ayo Fashanmi,by his Excellency governor Gboyega Oyetola 👇


As Mother Earth receives one of its best donations to humanity today, I pay tribute to a dyed-in-the-wool progressive who lived his life for the betterment of humanity.

Service is second nature to the late Pa Fasanmi. His training as a pharmacist prepared him for selfless service to humanity and he wasted no time in faithfully transferring it to the the larger business of politics.

Pa Ayo Fasanmi conscientiously promoted, projected and lived for the principles and legacies of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo till he breathed his last.

In his 94 years on earth, Pa Fasanmi proved that loving and serving Nigeria passionately and without personal benefits is doable. He was one of few patriarchs who stood to be counted in a nation in search of politics of ideology and principle. Throughout his foray into politics, he was consistent as a progressive.

Despite losing to a colleague, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, in the Unity Party of Nigeria’s gubernatorial primary election in 1978, he remained a committed party man and worked for the success of the party’s candidate.

Pa Fasanmi was a distinguished son of Ekiti who found home in the State of Osun and worked tirelessly for the progress of the Yoruba race as an Afenifere leader.

Every 30 minutes at Pa Fasanmi’s feet was worth more than reading scores of books on politics.

Pa Fasanmi was a passionate believer in a better Nigeria. He was ever seeking to enrich and expand the frontiers of socio-political knowledge, encourage mass political participation, offer selfless service to build a successor generation.

Pa Fasanmi’s life, times and legacy typify the Omoluabi ethos that the State of Osun holds dear. Despite his advanced age, he was a regular face at all Osun programmes and would offer sincere counsel for the growth and development of the State.

Pa Fasanmi was a beacon of hope for a new Nigeria and an encouragement to the younger generation of politicians and public administrators.

It is unfortunate that he died at a time we were all looking forward to celebrating his 95th birthday and tapping more from his fountain of knowledge and experience. No doubt, his death is a collosal loss not only to Osun where he lived until his death or Ekiti where he hailed from, but also to the entire country and the black race. He will be greatly missed.

The Government and People of Osun celebrate a father and a leader of monumental significance and pray to God to keep and strengthen the family he left behind.

Rest in peace, Pa Fasanmi.

Adegboyega Oyetola

Governor, State of Osun.

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