Tinubu’s government has turned against Yoruba Muslims – Grand mufti of Yoruba land.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

The grand mufti of Yoruba land who is also Amir Taawunu has berated the way president Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been relating with the Yoruba Muslims since he assumed office as president of Nigeria despite the maximum support he got from South West Muslims during the election.

In a release made available to news men, the grand mufti explained further 👇

It is disheartening that this government has turned against the Muslims in Yorubaland despite their efforts to ensure his emergence as Nigeria’s President.

The Muslim scholars in Yorubaland worked tirelessly when it turned out to be Muslim against Christian. Their fear was not to have a Bosnia scenario or the Central African Republic if someone who harbors hatred against Islam came to power. But to their surprise, the government they worked for has turned against them, and those who worked against Tinubu are now the ones enjoying the government. Even if the Muslims keep silent and refuse to talk, their creator will fight for them.

Although, Tinubu is not to be blamed but the Muslims, who have failed, to develop their political power. The past election in Nigeria should have opened the Muslim’s eyes and made them realize that if they fail to take part in politics they will have themselves to blame. Politics in Nigeria today has divided us further along religious lines.

Grand Mufti of Yorubaland.

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