The traditional ways of breaking the news of demise of Alaafin of Oyo.

Culturally and traditionally, the announcement of *the collapse of pillar* of Oyo (Oranmiyan) will start Alapini sending messages: Gbẹ̀du drum be beaten in all domains of his ṣenior brothers (6 other sons of Odùduwà – Alake, Oniketu, Òní Sábẹ́ etc).

Upon the hearing of the drum, they are expected to stay indoor for 7 days, mourn their junior brother who by providence owns all the palaces and carry out some rituals.

Upon completion of these rituals, they will Paroko to Arole (Ooni). Arole will in turn perform *certain ritual rights* at Ilé Ifè by the staff of Oranmiyan who will in turn send emissary (paroko) to Bashorun in Oyo to close the curtains of the Palace.

It is after this that Bashorun has the right to the meeting of Ọ̀yọ́ Mesi (only Alapini is excluded from the meeting for obvious reasons 😂😂😂) who will then inform them that *the land is spoilt*.

It is the Oyo Mesi members that will in turn *announce the spoiling of the land* to territories and areas they oversee throughout the Empire. Bashorun will also give permission to Aare Ona Kakanfo to ensure that the Empire must be secured and put all Esos at alert because *the land is spoilt*.

This process may take roughly 6 weeks before it come to the general knowledge of the public. The announcement used to be a delicate process on the past because some *people must follow the king on journey, he doesn’t travel alone*, and as such, preparation of such that will *travel* with him has to be done with high level of emotional intelligence.

Ní ìgbà ìwásẹ̀, a kì í tú’fọ̀ Aláàfin lálẹ̀de Ọ̀yọ́ , “Ilẹ́ bàjẹ́ l’Óde Ọ̀yọ́” ni wọ́n ńwí.

Traditionally, until the confirmation comes from the Prime Minister and all the rights performed to the stage of Bashorun informing Oyo Mesi, its still a rumour, despite the fact that it must have been to the knowledge of who and who throughout the Empire.

But let me quickly add that that *was* and not *now*. This is just the summary of how it used to be. Modernity has completely taken over everything. Nobody follows Aláàfin on such a journey again, no Àrokò anywhere again (Internet has taken over), Aláàfin leaves Palace nowadays (it is in the past that they will say, the *òń rọ̀’Yọ́ òń kánjú, Aláàfin ò rẹ bìkan*, so, ordinarily, you it was virtually unimaginable for the land to be spoilt outside Oyo Palace) etc

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