The Scam called Onigbinde By Cham Faliya Sharon.


By Cham Faliya Sharon

To start with, it is good riddance to bad rubbish that he abandoned his 3 days undeserved appointment with the Buhari administration and ran away with his tail between his legs due to the patriotic pressure Buharists piled on him to keep his distance from an administration he insulted, denigrated and demeaned with all the venom he could brew from his tummy of vain self-importance.

In any case, at least, we now know that his virulent and acerbic attacks on the person of President Buhari, his administration and his supporters are not based on any higher principles of morality or based on principles itself, otherwise he wouldn’t have quickly yanked off his Twitter account that is loaded with evidences of his hatred and contempt for the President and his supporters immediately after he was recruited as a so called Technical Assistant without any proper due diligence of his character and personality by his recruiter!

To further expose and ridicule himself as a very desperate man with a shallow sense of etiquette, honour and principles, he went ahead to lie that he didn’t pull down his Twitter account, that the account merely disappeared temporarily because he was short of data/airtime on his device! Can you beat that! I mean, what does he take us for? A bunch of doodle droopy bunnies who believe that stealing is not corruption and corruption does not include stealing, or what? Much like trying to tell us that our phones will not be visible when they run out of charge, and can only get back to being visible after we plug them into charging sockets, right?

The fact that he could make such an unintelligent lie in a bid to mask his desperation is enough proof that his so called “famous” work in his so called BudgIT organization may have been fraught with so many deliberate data manipulations or distortions to create false situations in order to achieve certain ends. In other words, if he could lie that lack of data or airtime in his device “temporarily deleted” his Twitter account, then what else has he not lied about in his so called career, or what else will he not lie about in future if he is subjected to the “right atmosphere” that could make him lie or distort facts or even pad budgets had it been he was allowed to hold his undeserved job of Technical Assistant on Budgets to the minister who erroneously appointed him?

I have taken note of the argument of some retired Buharists who were supporting the shameless, unprincipled opportunist, that he was appointed on merit and that he took up the job in good faith in order to bring his wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in the service of Nigeria his fatherland, and I wonder whether his so called work in the very same so called BudgIT was in the service of Togo or Honolulu or Tanzania or any other foreign entity! If it was in the service of Nigeria, and both he and them felt he was doing a brilliant job for Nigeria in that sector, then why shouldn’t he continue to serve the country there instead of taking up a job in an administration made possible by people he insulted as “ethnic jingoists” and “idiots” or even “zombies”, or did he fancy himself as some Napoleon who would seize power by stealth and then launch a great transformative revolution that will transform ethnic jingoists, idiots and zombies into bubbling national zealots and budding intellectuals from that little office of Technical Assistant?

That is how they market such cheap, hollow and shallow persons of little character as technocrats, whereas while masquerading as technocrats, in reality they are mere Take-all-rats who parade certain “impressive” profiles of academia and career experiences by which they use to access public offices and then rat away our resources. Or didn’t we see Take-all-rats like Diezani Allison-Madueke and a certain over-hyped minister of agriculture in the Jonathan regime whose tenure of agriculture stewardship was hallmarked by massive importation of food items that we can produce here in Nigeria, which thereby pauperized our own famers and caused much capital flight besides the well-known fact that he was a major proponent and promoter of genetically modified crops, which have been roundly rejected across the world?

More often, neo-colonial foreign agents sponsored to cripple Nigeria and Africa, and make us more dependent on foreign goods and services at the expense of growing our local economies, are always touted and marketed as technocrats, as if the word ‘technocrat’ has some magic wand that can turn our continent into an El Dorado overnight in spite of the fact that the continent is dotted with abundant evidences of damages inflicted by technocrats whose ideas and opinions are shaped by their neo-colonial cleavages.

Oh, lest I forget…. While trying to defend and justify his shameful acceptance of the position of Technical Assistant to the Minister of Budgets and National Planning in an administration he hated with the satanic passion of Wailing Wailers, didn’t this disgraced Seun Onigbinde say his wages and all other earnings were going to be footed by a foreign entity? You see? So what’s the business of any foreign entity with the way we plan and shape our budgets, so much that they offered a Technical Assistant to our Budgets and National Planning minister at their own expense? Isn’t it a giant ploy by imperialists to influence our budgets so that our budget plannings will continue to conform with their neocolonialist dictates, especially in an era where they saw that we have a President who is determined to make sure we are not mere importers and consumers of anything and everything we can produce here locally but actual producers which can empower our local producers and make them wealthy? So, isn’t Seun Onigbinde a neocolonialist foreign agent?

Technocrats ko Take-all-rats ni! Sharrap!

On this score, I must congratulate all Buharists for standing up against this callow being who thought he could poke fun and insults on Buhari and Buharists, and then pick up a job made possible by their sweat and unflinching commitments. You can’t build something on nothing. Even Atiku Abubakar’s snoring lawyers know this.

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