The root of Nigeria’s economic crisis by Grand mufti of Yoruba land

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

The Root Of Nigeria’s Economic Crisis

When a society is hit by a crisis, the first signs of revival are caused by the crisis itself. What the crisis does is shake society into thinking about what went wrong. Although this thinking process is spread across the whole of society, it is generally more refined among the intellectual circles.

Societies can turn crises into opportunities but the prerequisite is the correct diagnosis of the problem., which is the issue surrounding the economic crisis in Nigeria đŸ‡³đŸ‡¬.

The devastating economic crisis that has dominated our country today has its roots in the wrong diagnosis of the problem that financial corruption is an individualistic phenomenon whereas it is a global phenomenon, that is, a systematic one. Therefore, targeting individuals, and presenting them as a problem will never solve the issue of corruption. At best, it will get rid of one corrupt individual to be replaced by another, and the cycle will continue as long as the diagnosis is defective.

The analysis of the Nigerian economy always begins with the dismal history of the colonial economic policies that discouraged indigenous industrialization. The ending of colonial rule has not resulted in complete control of the country’s economy or political affairs. Nigeria is a sovereign state only in name. In reality, it remains under the economic and political control of its former rulers, and colonial masters.

So, for Nigeria’s economic greatness, fighting corruption has to begin by abandoning the Western system of economic policies and ideology.

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