The Nigeria politics between the Yorubas who hate the present government and those who are supporting it.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


“Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice…For that reason, greater caution is called for when dealing with a stupid person than with a malicious one.
Never again will we try to persuade the stupid person with reasons, for it is senseless and dangerous.”~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 – 1945)

Let us see who is stupid and who is not…

For more than 61 years or from 1954 (when the first federal election was held in Nigeria) to 2015, Yoruba people and Yoruba political party had always been in the opposition.
No Yoruba main political party ever won elections outside the Yoruba states or outside the Yoruba region.
Whereas, HausaFulani/Middleblet and Igbos political parties NCNC, NPN, PDP that are supported by the Yoruba political Traitors always had easy access to the Yoruba political space. Even Igbo APGA has a seat in a Yoruba state House of Assembly.

They always win elections easily all because they see the Yoruba people as Mugun and foolish people who only know money, money, money? Northerners see Yoruba people as those who can sell their mothers and their political birthrights if they see money, while the Igbos see the Yorubas as Coward people who are ready to betray their fellow Yoruba once they were threatened?

In 2003, PDP – the offshoot Igbo and Northerners political party of NCNC, NPN, NRC, won in all the Yoruba states except Lagos state where they were vigorously fought back by the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (the National Chairman of the ruling party, again, an historic fact)- otherwise, Yoruba nation and Yoruba people would have been completely annexed or annihilated by the Northerners and the Igbos.
With the PDP in power, Igbo people had started using their influence in PDP to say Lagos states doesn’t belong to the Yoruba. They started saying they had 70% control of the Lagos state economy because the Yoruba people are lazy and senseless, all because it was that political party in power.

This carried on to 2007 when Tinubu formed ACN as an exclusive Yoruba political party that will fight for the Yoruba people’s political interests inside Nigeria. In the process, he won some states back from the PDP- Ekiti and Osun states. He also won Ondo for Mimmko in Labour party (fact!).
He won Edo state for the Yoruba party.
Delta, Kogi and Kwara states that have millions of Yoruba in them were missed out due to rigging but ACN came 2nd.

In the process of repositioning the Yoruba politically, Tinubu threw in an HausaFulani with high influence among the Northern Cabals @ATIKU to be the Yoruba presidential candidate in 2007, but they were rigged out.

In 2011, he sponsored another highly influential Northerner who is well respected by all the Nigerian youths all -over the world @Nuhu Ribadu to represent the Yoruba political party. And, in the same 2011, he won all the Yoruba political landscape/states from the Yoruba political traitors and the Northerners/Igbo political parties (NPN).

Now, Yoruba people and Yoruba nation became the force to be reckoned with inside Nigeria and all over the world.

Come 2015, many Yoruba political traitors, Yoruba cultural groups and political leaders supported the Igbo/Northerners political party of PDP to continue ruling over the Yoruba and to carry on having more control over the Yoruba political space, but the guy @Tinubu disagreed.
He insisted that it is time for the Yoruba to move forward and claim the presidency and power in order to enable them to fight for what they want inside Nigeria -which includes Restructuring or Regional Governments.
He supported the Progressive man whom he believes had never had hands in the persecution of the Yoruba people since 1954.
He supported HausaFulani Buhari.

He merged his Yoruba ACN political party with the Buhari’s CPC party- that never had anything to do with the NPN NRC or PDP.
They agreed to use the Yoruba party (ACN) logo, flag, symbol and manifesto to fight for election. They agreed to share the political post by 45 (Yoruba), 40 (Buhari) and 15 other Nigerian political parties.
Yoruba is now the 2nd citizens, Yoruba is now the 4th citizens (something that had never happened before), Yoruba is the Interior Minister, Yoruba is the Super Minister (the position that was exclusive to the Middlebelters). Yoruba is the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum and Yoruba is the Chairman of the Joint Defence Staff.

Now, who is stupid between those Yorubas who are supporting the Tinubu and Yoruba political achievements and those who are fighting the people/government that is moving the Yoruba forward withing Nigeria?

Oh, Yes, we are not there yet, but a journey of one thousand miles will start with the first step. Hating and criticising this government is sheer madness of trying to draw the Yoruba people backward.
Any visionary person should know that the present progressive government is the only alternative that we Yoruba have to have our lost glories back.

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