The making of Olorunsogo palace.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Olorunsogo community in Egbedore South LCDA Osun state of Nigeria is the only community in the whole of the local government without a palace and any king that is installed in the community uses personal house as the palace.

His Royal highness Alhaji Dauda Adesola Adenle Ariyo Agboluaje the first, the latest Olu of Olorunsogo is about to make history as he embarks on building of modern palace for the community.

The parcel of land being proposed for the new palace was initially programmed for town hall but, the Olorunsogo in council have decided unanimously that since the town has no palace, the land should be used to build the palace which be serve as Olorunsogo main palace where every king will be residing henceforth instead of old system of using personal house for the palace.

Although there was a pocket of protest from unknown individuals called Olorunsogo stakeholders who insisted that the parcel of land should be used for the purpose it was meant for more than thirty years ago. These faceless individuals have not been able to show face but they are making use of the Egbedore South LCDA to frustrate all the efforts of the Olorunsogo in council.

The caretaker chairman of Egbedore South LCDA Honorable Sakiru Adeleke led his team from the local government to stop the work on the site some weeks ago and asked the Olorunsogo in council led by the Kabiyesi to come to the local government for a peace meeting over the parcel of land.

The Olorunsogo in council did as instructed by the chairman and led his chiefs to dialogue with the local government authority.

On the fateful day, the peace meeting ended in stalemate as the local government caretaker chairman Hon Sakiru asked the Olorunsogo in council to hold on on the project until the local government authority concluded and give them final approval because according to the chairman, he did not see any record in the council which suggested that the parcel of land was allocated to the Olorunsogo community but everything about this land was done verbally and now he wanted to put an end to the controversy and give the community approval after some adjustments might have been made on the land.

The Olu of Olorunsogo HRH Alhaji Dauda Adesola Adenle Ariyo Agboluaje the first informed the chairman and other management team that the parcel of land had been allocated to the Olorunsogo community more than thirty years ago and that the community had in the past erected a building on the land before it was later demolished when the community noticed the danger the dilapidated structure posed to the community. Now the community is ready to do something on the parcel of land which part has been encroached by the Nigerian Police force.

Other members of the Olorunsogo in council who accompanied the Kabiyesi to the local government also spoken in the same vein and charged the chairman not to allow some faceless individuals to mislead him on this matter.

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