The G.O.A.T debate, 2.0. a must read.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

The G.O.A.T debate 2.0

‘if you talk football, Lionel Messi’s flair is unrivaled, but if you are after success and need inspiration, then Ronaldo is your idol’

The Messi/Ronaldo superiority is one that has had, arguably the most prolonged debate in the history of football due to the age-long rivalry and success between the two, and with the look of things, it may never reach a conclusive logical end because of individual choices. Let me quickly take you through an analogy in the Fuji music realm.

In the early 90s, i was an ardent fan of Pasuma wonder. As a chap in those days, it is easy to fall for Paso’s performance – His dance steps, his composure, his outfit, Paso’s hairdo among others will make you forget the existence of any other Fuji musician. People thought his ability will be unmatched until the advent of his would-be major contender.

Saheed Osupa is not the fashionista type of a musician, but his raw musical ingenuity comes with so much flair.
In 1999 or thereabout, Saheed Osupa’s album “Fuji Boogie” convinced me of his musical prowess and i became a fan ever after. Today, he not only convince me with his Fuji music, he has gone ahead to be a role model to many through his human capital investment. His work of art has continued to impact me literally in all walks of life. Osupa’s rich musical genre has taken over the music space even to the amazement and public acceptance and declaration by his major rival, Pasuma.

What is my drift? Òṣùpá’s has demonstrated to many music fans why he’s better and by far the best than Pasuma with his lyrically rich and melodious Fuji style, but does it mean we no longer have fans who believe Pasuma is the best? No! Barely every Pasuma fans today will acknowledge the ingenious music of Dr. Saheed Osupa but will tell you they remain Pasuma fan, which is okay.

The duo of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have remained phenomenal on the field of play for the past few decades. Their success and achievement is incomparable. These two athletes have demonstrated what it means to stay relevant regardless of what. Their attitude on and off the pitch. Their skills. The never-say-die ways of winning. Fans at all levels have found different reasons for choosing ‘who’ between the duo.

Both have won practically whatever it is to win in football. Their statical analysis shows Cristiano edging Messi on one hand and Messi prevailing on another metric. The debate for the GREATEST OF ALL TIME between these two great footballers encompasses many criterion, and may never end even with regard to winning the World Cup which has been elusive to both. RONALDO has won hearts of many fans not only on the pitch but off the pitch. More reason for his cult-followership. While Messi appears to have found his fanbase solely on on-the-pitch activities!

The outcome of today’s World Cup final will change little or nothing in this debate. I value Messi. He’s great in what he does. I respect and love Ronaldo because he appears to be a symbol of resilience, hardwork and success! Like the Osupa-Pasuma analogy, I was formerly of the thought that no one will ever come close to Messi, but looking at Cristiano Ronaldo’s ability and success rate, i got convinced, and that makes me a Fanatic CR7 fan today!

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