Tani Olohun: We Are All Yoruba, Let Peace Reign, Ifa Priest Elebuibon Pleads With Muslims, Isese Adherents

Renowned Ifa priest, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, has urged Kwara Muslims and Isese devotees to allow peace reign in the case involving activist Adegbola Abdulazeez, a.k.a. Tani Olohun.

Abdulazeez was arrested on August 16 in Ibadan and transferred to the Kwara State Police Command for allegedly insulting the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, and some prominent Muslim clerics.

Speaking on the matter, Elebuibon pleaded with Isese adherents and Muslim devotees to allow peace to reign as securing Abdulazeez’s freedom was a top priority.

He said, “I want to also use this medium to plead with the Isese youths to let peace to reign concerning this case.

“We all should work towards securing his freedom as this is key at this moment.

“I’d like to urge Ilorin Muslims as well to allow peace to reign we are all Yoruba.

“‘Let things flow, we met peace when we came on earth, let peace continue to reign.

“In the name of Olodumare (God) please let’s all be calm and let peace reign.”

Credit: Tiktok | Sheffman01

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