Some names and how they came about in Yoruba land.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Some names and how they came about

OSOGBO was coined out of Oso Igbo, (Bush witch). This was as a result of earlier settlers who surprisingly met a man at the Osun river and they referred to the man as ‘witch of the bush’ Oso Igbo.

IGBOMINA came from ‘Ologbo lo mo ona’ meaning , it is the flag-bearer that knows the road. During the olden days’ war, The Ajagunla (Orangun of Ila) was the flag bearer known as ‘Ogbo’, this Ogbo is what directs other warriors to the right roads. ‘Ologbo lo mo ona’ later become ‘Igbomina’

IBADAN originated from ‘Eba Odan’ which means between the forests and the plains. Before 1829 Lagelu, the Jagun (commander-in-chief) of Ife and Yoruba’s generalissimo, left Ile Ife with some people from Ife, Oyo and Ijebu to found a new city at Eba-Odan.

OYO was coined out of ‘Ibi ti esin ti yo’ where the horse slipped. When Oranmiyan left Ile Ife to establish his Kingdom, the Oracle told him to stop and establish his kingdom wherever his horse slips (yo). Ibi ti esin ti ‘yo’ now turn to Oyo.

EKITI was derived from ‘Ile Olokiti’, land of rocks. When the descendants of Agbonniregun baba Ifa and some other people left Ile Ife to found a kingdom, they decided to settle at where they saw lots of rocks and they said this is ‘Ile Olokiti’.

PHOTO: Oba Adeyemi I Alowolodu, r. 1876–1905 (Archive)

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