Progressives e- Group celebrates 4 star General, Owoeye @48.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Progressives e- Group celebrates 4 star General, Owoeye @48.

The number one online media group in the state of osun known for the promotion of good governance, the progressives e- Group rejoices with the state of Osun House of Assembly Speaker, Rt Hon Timothy Owoeye as he adds yet another year.

Born on August 24th 1972, after fulfilling the quest for western education ventured into politics and started his political career as ward 10 councillor in Ilesha east local government in 1999 and thereafter in 2007 vie to represent his constituency in the State of Osun House of Assembly and won. And he has won three other elections which has kept him in the house till date and culminated to his assuming the speakership seat.

There is nothing denying the fact that the house under your God appointed leadership is doing excellently well judging by the peaceful coexistence that exist between members and the unflinching/unalloyed support the executive arm enjoys from the legislatures.

The progressives e- Group is glad to identify and rejoice with you on your 48th years birthday and wish you all the best that the new age can offer you.
Happy birthday sir.

…….truly in support of good governance

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