PANDEF never endorse Atiku, dying old men did, says youth wing:

PANDEF never endorse Atiku, dying old men did, says youth wing

The Youth wing of the Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) yesterday denied media reports that the body endorsed the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, saying it was the handiwork of ‘few hungry old men”

Arising from an emergency meeting in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, they condemned what they regarded as the desperation of an old dying generation of elders that lack integrity.

A statement signed by its Youth Coordinator, Famous Daunimigha and its , ‘General’ Don Ben, said PANDEF was apolitical and therefore the endorsement of Atiku by a few elders was null, void and unconstitutional.

The statement reads, “Number one PANdEF never endorsed Atiku, because what you saw is a bunch of old dying generation that lack intergity, PANDEF is a well organized body, made up of a very well enlightened people cut across the whole of Niger Delta states.

PANDEF has a constitution, we are apolitical, it’s just a bunch of old men who collected money from Atiku and Obi, trying to fill their pocket even when they are dying.

PANDEF never had any meeting, or Congress, where we agreed to endorse any political party. What they did, was just some few greedy old dying men lack of integrity that’s what happened.

Speaking at the end of their meeting, the youth coordinator, said there was never any meeting and so it very clear that the bunch of self seeking elders did the endorsement and the announcement on their own.

He said, It’s very very clear, I am an APC member, but I’ve never used PANDEF at any point because we know that the constitution says that we should be apolitical, we all have rights to support whatever political party but to not to endorse any person or a candidate”

The few people you saw there, are just bunch of like minds, Chief E.K Clark, the chairman of PANDEF, some other PDP members who are there, who feel that they are loosing election, they felt they want to use regional bodies to advocate for votes but they will fail.

PANDEF, have not met, we never had a Congress at any time, to decide such endorsement, it was a bunch of greedy old people.

He called on well meaning and law abiding all youths not listen or abide the ranting of few greedy old man who have been disgraced before in the 2115 election.

“They are aware that they have disgraced themselves and as far as I am concerned, they can never gather in any place. This bunch of elders, they can never gather, and they don’t have what it takes to gather.

“Every time they are in government, they want to eat from government money freely, that’s why our state governors, cannot even develop our state because when they just give these few elderly people some few money, then they (elders) go to the press, and make statements in support of such government.

That’s is why the Niger Delta region is still lacking behind in development.”

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