Ótún,Basorun,Gbonka,Akinrogun,Erelu and other nonsense to be installed by Aare Ona Kakanfo By Akintola Akinyele, Ilesha.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


The real Traditional Rulers of Yoruba land are toying with the sacred cultural and traditional institution of OBAS. They are keeping quiet watching the sacred institutions of their fathers being manipulated and violated by TOUTS.
The Alaafin, Iku-Baba-Yeye is gradually reducing the meaning of KABIYESI by allowing Gani Adams to go ahead with the coronation of a Council of Chiefs around himself. A very dangerous precedent is to be established which will sweep away the vestiges of glory and grandeur of OBASHIP in Yoruba land. The Alaafin has a duty to checkmate Gani Adams being the one who installed him as Are Onakakanfo of Oyo army. He should do so as a matter of urgency and stop further distortion of Yoruba history.
Chief MKO Abiola was such a colossus, a legend and guru of many parts. Not in his glory did he attempt to place himself above the institution that made him the Are Ona Kakanfo. Are Ona Kakanfo is supposed to be the generalissimo of the Oyo Army, and history may repeat itself as it happened during the time of Afonja.
By allowing Afonja to wield enormous power and influence, the Alaafin was forced to commit suicide. And, the consequence was that Afonja who ordered Alaafin to kill himself, lost Ilorin to the Fulanis, ( Alimi descendants) whom he had hired to fight Alaafin.
Kabiyesi, Alaafin of Oyo must protect the institution of OBAS from further desecration and abuse by overzealous Kakanfo who instead of seeing himself as a subject answerable to Alaafin has assumed the position of King himself and now forming his own sacrilegious Council of Chiefs.
A stitch in time saves more than nine.

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