OSUN tribunal: ‘PDP plots violence- Osun APC alleges.

OSUN tribunal: ‘PDP plots violence- Osun APC alleges.

‘The APC is shocked that the PDP has again condemned the reconstitution of the members of Osun State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal and has threatened violence if the PDP loses at the tribunal.
‘This is a very irresponsible action by the PDP and we condemn it strongly’.
In a press release on Saturday by the PDP’s South West zonal Secretary, Bunmi Jenyo, the PDP threatened ‘masses revolution’, if its perception of justice was not served by the Tribunal.

‘By this assertion , the PDP has exposed its desperation to win, even if the justices say it lost the election’. According to the APC, the statement by the PDP is a forewarning to the security agencies that the PDP is preparing for violence if it loses at the tribunal.
In trying to run down the tribunal members and indeed the President of the Court of Appeal, the PDP accused both the President of Appeal Court, her husband and her son as certified members of APC, therefore the President cannot dispense justice in the matter.

‘That’s arrant nonsense’. Assuming that the allegations were true. The fact that the Appeal Court President is not sitting on the matter destroys PDP’s argument. If she were sitting on the tribunal, the PDP might have a case. But in this instant, the President of the Court of Appeal, by law is discharging her responsibility to set up the tribunal. Nobody else is empowered to do so, under our law.
If the PDP therefore is questioning the authority of the President to constitute the tribunal, it should be told flat out that it is over-reaching its limit.

The PDP has no power whatsoever under the Constitution to question the authority of the judiciary in this matter, except of course it would sue for the removal of Justice Zainab Adamu Bulkachuwa as President of the Court of Appeal!. The onus of the proof of guilt rests on PDP. The question is, what is the crime of this woman?

‘We are inclined to believe’, the APC said, ‘that the PDP is on edge because it could not penetrate the current set up of the tribunal to do its fraudulent bidding. ‘No matter how strongly the PDP tries to question the integrity of the judges, it would not be able to frustrate their work.

‘If the PDP were smart, it should go to the tribunal with solid legal argument and proof that will not only convince the judges, it will also be clear to the layman.
No amount of desperation can win this case for the PDP, the APC concluded.

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