Osun PDP resorted to falsehood over election petition tribunal proceedings in Abuja to retain their gullible followers.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

My dear people of the state of Osun please don’t be deceived by the lies of the PDP goons as regards happenings at the election petition tribunal in Abuja, what actually happened was that the PDP has closed their case after calling of 80 witnesses and next is for INEC to open their defence and to do this the electoral body too have 10days while PDP had 14days which should have been exhausted by 12noon last Monday but since they don’t have any witness to call again they closed their case before the expiration of their own 14days and this did not happened without dramas from the PDP during the tribunal sittings, in most cases the PDP have wasted the court time times without numbered and nobody accuse them of anything since we know they still have more time to establish their case but in the case of INEC asking for time to enable them call their witnesses and prepare very well for the defence that the PDP are making noises about the electoral body has not done anything wrong in seeking for adjournment inasmuch as they have not exhaust their time and they have started presenting some documents since yesterday and by tomorrow they will start calling their witnesses and may likely close their case too after which the respondent will open their defence as well.

The PDP goons are reporting the proceedings as if the INEC is panicked to present their defence because they requested for little adjournment which the PDP also did many times when they are presenting their case before the tribunal.

Very soon the truth of the matter shall be revealed to the public and we shall know who is lying between both of us.

Watch out for tomorrow’s proceeding and updating from here.

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