Osun Muslims community disowns Mr Adamolekun’s claims on Amir Waziri Mumini’s title.

*DISCLAIMER* Osun State Muslim Community has been receiving numerous calls and messages on an article written on prints and social media by one Abdul Yekeen Adamolekun Jenyo claiming to be writing for and on behalf of a body in the name of “Osun Muslim Ummah” on the installation of the Wazirilmumineena of Osun State. We want to let everyone one know that the Osun State Muslim Community is in no way connected with the writer and his organization and so have nothing to do with their write-up. We thank you all for your concern and support for the Osun State Muslim Community demonstrated through your sincere calls, messages and visitations. Our political leaders in Osun State, present and past are genuinely people of integrity and honour. Nothing should be done disparage them or cause confusion amongst them. Ilu ọmọlúwàbí ni ìpínlè Ọsun ni ibí tí Ìlérí Olúwa tí sẹ. Ọsun koni bajẹ o.

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