Osun Education review,the banana pills the government should be careful of: By Jamah Ta Awun

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


It is strongly believed that the government constitutionally has the right to formulate policy, review the policy and decide whether to sustain or reverse the policy as it deems it fit and subjects to the public demand as well as to ensure improvement in the standard living of people in the state.

However, the Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen, as a friend of this present and past administration who has always been involved and supported government activities politically,socially and religiously deem it necessary to express her perception on some of your policies and lend out some pieces of advice which are aimed at drawing you to some cautions as well as keeping you abreast of some likely negativities that come along with those policies. The below are our areas of concerns:

A. Education Review:
The recent education review carried out by your administration appeared to be too quick, non inclusive and a step to antagonize the policy of the immediate past government. This raised a question as to whether the committee was able to make all round findings on the review before
arriving at its recommendations having considered the below observations.

• Uniform : The government needs to critically think of the financial burden which the changing of the school uniform will lay on the masses who will have to purchase another set of uniforms for their wards as they will do away with the common uniform presently being used. Also,we find the committee’s reason of easy identification of students’ school through uniform in case of students’ unrest as not too tenable. Students’ unrest has been a generational issue and we doubt if changing the common uniform will offer anything to ease the unrest.

• Building: The recommendation to return the students back to their former schools is an attempt to render the new mighty government school building useless for the purpose for which they were built for and this is the highest point of public resources wastage. Hence, this needs more clarification as to what will be the use of those new school buildings.

• Removal of word “Government”from school Names: The government should be very careful of removing the word “Government” from, especially the names of the mission schools as this is likely to cause another revolution which may be inimical to peaceful co-existence in the state. This is because the moment Baptist Government High School becomes Baptist Grammar School,those missionaries would feel that the authority of the school belong to them and think that the issue of hijab can be reversed.

• Hijab: The use of hijab has legally been approved as part of the uniform for all interested female Muslim students in all schools across the state and an attempt to tamper it may cause another serious religious problem.

At this juncture, we want your Excellency to look critically at all the above mentioned facts and have a re-think on the implementation of the recommendations submitted by the CAN committee.

B. Road Construction and Maintenance
We acknowledge your efforts in the area of road construction and maintenance across the state including Iwo-Osogbo express way but we want to draw your attention to the need of intensifying your efforts and hasten up the contractors to do the job quickly as the raining season is far approaching. This is because people see the government’s lapses in the aspect of road construction and maintenance during raining season.

C. Health Sector
Your wonderful contribution in the health sector cannot be over emphasized. However , we want to urge you to intensify effort especially in the area of standardizing the health Centre’s across the state through provision of enough drugs and more qualify nurses where necessary . Above all,you need a serious monitoring team that would ensure that the government targets on health sector are actualized.

D. Local Government Administration
The recent autonomy given to Local Government has not made any positive change in the community most especially, in the area of developmental projects. The reason is traced to over responsibility on the part of the local government. We therefore urge the state government to please come to their aid by relieving them of some burden financially in order for them to be able to contribute positively to their community.

Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan
The founder and National President of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen

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