OSUN: APC group reports Oyetola to Tinubu, says it prefers Dr Ajibola Basiru or Olalekan Omoolore

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

There is a dramatic twist to the deepening factional crisis within the Osun state chapter of the All Progressive Congress. A new factional group named ‘Otoge’ has emerged within the party with loud opposition to the aspiration of Mr Gboyega Oyetola to rerun for governorship in 2026.

The group which held its first closed door meeting last night around GRA ,Osogbo surprisingly had in attendance top party chiefs who actually served in Oyetola government and who until recently are counted as part of the minister’s team.
Those in attendance are not in any way associated with former Governor Rauf Aregbesola, meaning that they are a breakaway faction from Oyetola’s group.
An APC leader who attended the event said the participants are previous loyalists of Oyetola, declaring we are angry, we are bitter. The former Minister is putting our lives in jeopardy by his desperate ambition.
Speaking anonymously, the politician who hails from Osogbo who confirmed that the meeting was an anti-Oyetola gathering said “ we are reporting him directly to the Presidency, we are taken the matter to the First Lady, to the Chief of Staff, to Seyi Tinubu and Iyaloja General.

“ We are calling for urgent intervention before the minister destroys the party further in Osun. We have told him to allow new faces to run for governorship but he is refusing. We told him severally that Adeleke is too popular and that the party cannot love an inch with an Oyetola as a candidate but he is adamant.
“Our proposal is to have Ajibola Bashiru. He went and threatened the National Secretary. Many loyalists of Bashiru are now up in arms against the minister.

“ Lately, we told him to let us use Engr Badmus as a candidate, at least that is a man from his camp. We even think he will respect Chief Tunde Badmus. Again, he refused.
“Worst of all, the man has not mend fences with anybody. The PDP group he was hoping to align with are now reconciling. Oyinlola and others have said No, they are staying with Ademola. This man should allow the APC in Osun to move on”, the party chief noted.

Another party Chief who also attended the meeting said Oyetola candidacy will be the second greatest mistake the party will make, pointing out that all factors that made the party to fail in 2022 are still present in stronger terms.
“ Our party is weaker than the 2022 case. The level of disenchantment within the party is very high. The source is Oyetola himself. He is too selfish and his wife’s influence on him is too high.The man cares only about himself and his family.
“ Our leaders at the Presidency are aware of all these. That is why we form Otoge as a group. We will resist Oyetola. We want either Bashiru or Badmus as governorship candidates, not Oyetola. We are writing the Presidency officially”, the politician noted.

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