Osun APC crisis, 2022 governorship contest and emerging peace gospelers

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Let me also air my opinion on the above subject matter and to say the bitter truth even without minding whose ox is gore.
We must not lose power to opposition in Osun come 2022 is the new gospel in town now even from those who are not stranger in the state.
They keep watching until Mr governor deliberately dichotomized the party and create unnecessary crisis in the party forgotten all those people would still be useful in the future, now the future is here, everybody now including those who saw nothing bad in all the humiliation and injustices melted out to some party faithfuls turned to peace makers 🤔

I read the Epistles of Hon Rotimi Makinde and as beautiful as that write-up is, it would have been better if it was written two years ago since all the Katakata didn’t just start today, but for the reason best known to him and others, they all kept silent until another election is around the corner, and they just realized peace and unity is important to actualize their dream; Who is fooling who?

Did Mr governor ever think about all these in the past or he is too uninformed to understand the fact that unity of the party is very important to achieve a greater and positive result?
Party members that have been unjustly treated and continue treating like opposition in the same government we jointly put in place would never mind if opposition take over the government since he has already lost senses of belonging to the highhandedness of Mr governor and those he entrusted the power of state with.

Even being an opposition member would not have been worse,the ways party faithfuls were been treated under the present settings so. we should just stop using this to scare people as if the opposition take over, heaven will fall.

Thank God I am not a greenhorns in this struggle as well and I knew what we went through under PDP then,but how did we get out of that period? who was the person that liberated and set us free from PDP and how are we treating or relating with the person now?: It is a pity that those periods are still in our memories and we can still be using it to canvass peace now even when we failed to realize we have maltreated our Liberator who faced the war and nearly laid down his life for the emancipation of the Progressive in Osun.

Let me remind Hon Rotimi Makinde and his cohorts that there is nowhere it was written in our party’s constitution that a particular person must spend eight years as governor  most especially when such person failed to do all within his power to bring all party faithfuls together bearing it in mind that he still need then in the future, so we should stop deceiving ourselves as if without granting second term to the incumbent, our party may lose power. Even to achieve continuity in our party, we need justice first and one of the best option is to consider the people of #OsunWest who have been marginalized in the party for the number one position in 2022 and this will put our party in vantage and best position to retain power next year other than to maintain status quo which was the major undo of our party in 2018 which nearly cost us victory at the polls, or are we saying #OsunWestAgenda has died?

Even actions of our governor has worsen the situation beyond the way it were in 2018. Check and do unbiased findings in Osun West today, Mr governor is not friendly with majority of political gladiators from that zone except some paperweights who are just deceiving him. People like Alhaji Adeoti Moshood Olalekan , Rt Hon Dr Najeem Folasayo Salaam , Hon AbdulRasaq Salinsile and others are not in good terms with Mr governor and these are the people who ordinarily should not have had issues with Mr governor had it been he is a good manager of men bearing it in mind their individual influences in their respective areas.
I wouldn’t know what kind of reconciliation are we talking about and from where we will start the said reconciliation, the issue of just concluded ward congress is still there unresolved and local congress is also on the way, all our people want is just Wuruwuru to the answer without minding the implications and consequences. Is this how the 4+4 agenda will be actualized?

I am watching with keen interest.
Adabanija Qomarudeen Idowu Mayegun  is my name, writing from Egbedore local government area of the state of Osun. Ward 3 to be precisely.

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