Osun Amotekun DG, Amitolu, Disregards fake story on the Attack of O-AMBULANCE GM.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Osun Amotekun DG, Amitolu, Disregards fake story on the Attack of O-AMBULANCE GM.

Our attention has been drawn to a publication currently trending on social media, where libelous allegations was made Against Amotekun Director General Comrade Amitolu Shittu, which has compelled me to respond so as to correct the misrepresentations and misinformation contained therein.

The fake and sponsored news story claiming our ad-hoc staff attacked the General Manager of Osun Ambulance Services and beat him to coma.

We wish to note that the news story is a false from the pit of hell and from the figment of the imagination of the paid writer or supposed reporter, who was contracted to do the hatched job.

The fake news story, which was published by an online news platform/blogger by name ”doctpetinfo”,’ was written to mar the hard earned reputation of the respected Amotekun Corps and by extension, its Director General.

The damage the news story, which has been forwarded to many WhatsApp Platforms and posted on the Facebook page of the blogger, has done to the Corps and particularly its Director General is unimaginable.

The fake news also faulted Governor ADEGBOYEGA OYETOLA for appointing the DG of the corps calling it aberration.

we, therefore, seek an apology letter from the blogger within 24 hours, while same should be published on his blog within the same period before a legal action will be taken.

Amotekun is a creation of law and leadership and corps member will never takes law into her hand in whatever form

An agency of government like O ambulance should not do anything that will tarnished the image of Amotekun for personal gain.


Chief Abdul Fatai Abdul Salaam, (LLB, BL)

For the DG, Amotekun

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