Olori Naomi hasn’t returned to the palace of Ooni as spiritual cleansing starts.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Contrary to speculations and unconfirmed reports in the social media that the estranged olori of the Ooni of Ife, has returned to the Ile-Oodua palace of the Ooni of Ife, investigation by cityblognews has revealed that there is no truth in the reports as she has not returned to the palace and that the Ooni has not sent emissaries or met with the family of the olori.

It was gathered that though some people may have made efforts to broker peace, but the Ooni has not yet met any of the parties and has told who cares to listen that he is done with Olori Naomi, has she ended the marriage on her own.

A competent source equally told this medium that the highly reverred monarch has distanced himself from the alleged peace move.

It was also gathered by our correspondent who visited the Ooni’s palace that women in their traditional white attires were on Thursday evening seen performing spiritual cleansing by sweeping and sprinkling water around major facilities withing the palace premises particularly the official residence of the erstwhile Olori, Ooni’s residence, the inner roads and the entrance gates.This exercise, according to a chief priest under anonymity symbolizes that her announcement of separation from the king has been spiritually ratified by the palace.

Even though the Ooni’s Director of Media & Public Affairs, Yera Moses Olafare did not respond to our correspondent when asked to comment on the matter, we have equally learnt that, the Ooni has decided that the only condition that can make the olori Naomi return is Tadenikawo, the little prince, who should be raised in the palace in accordance with the tradition.

It was also disclosed that but for he age of the Prince, who may require the care of his mother, and that wherever in the palace that is given to him and his mother, who must not be seen in the palace with her mother and siblings for now.

In the words of one of the anonymous sources,” there is not iota of truth in the supposed return of Olori Naomi to the palace. I seriously doubt she can be accommodated here at the palace again, except her son, Prince Tadenikawo, who by tradition must be raised at the palace in line with Ife tradition and culture.”

When accosted while coming out of the palace, a herbalist who introduced himself as Chief Ifadele Ifagbemiro hinted our reporter that the matter is beyond the Ooni himself as certain spiritual rites must be concluded before anybody can even talk about any reconciliation.

“What do you want me to say?why can’t you go and ask Otunba Moses Olafare who is Baba’s Media Director? When told that Olafare has,refused to attend to us, the herbalist swiftly replied “Didn’t I tell you this matter is beyond Baba (Ooni) himself? This is for you media people to know that the Palace is not yet ready to talk on this matter at all. But let me tell you the truth, there are conditions which will be given to her if she truly wants to come back; She will only come back with her son, Prince Tadenikawo, only!, and this can only be after necessary rites have been done, so if she is satisfied with the condition, then she may be allowed into the palace without her mother and brother”. Ifagbemiro said.

One of the security details at the first gate who begged to be anonymous told our reporter,

“Well, we also read the lies in the social media, but to the best of my knowledge, Baba (Ooni) has not received His Majesty the Deji of Akure or any elder from Akure here as speculated, and I have not set my eyes on the former Olori Naomi here in this palace as falsely reported. ‘Baba Press’ (Moses Olafare) himself has not been talking to the press on this matter, so the unnecessary vituperations outside that Former Olori has returned to the place is uncalled for, irresponsible and highly misleading. No meeting has ever taken place by elders of Ife and Akure as mischievously reported in the media

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