Obasanjo an unrepentant SADIST against the Yoruba race:

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Obasanjo an unrepentant SADIST against the Yoruba race:

The Yoruba Liberation Movement was aware of Obasanjo’s SADISTIC advice to Ooni of Ife during a coronation service of one Gambian citizen in Ooni’s palace.

However, it is important to note that, The Ooni of Ife who doubles as the Spiritual and “head of state” in Yorubaland has the RIGHT to support AGENDA of any Yoruba citizen’s position on “EXTERNAL” Political game of Nigeria because teni n teni.

And It is also crucial for all Yoruba citizens to ignore Obasanjo on any issue of national importance across Yorubaland because he has no command nor any political value to caution Ooni’s support for Yoruba AGENDA in the midst of external politics.

Noting that since 1968 he has become who he his against the greater good of Yorubaland. And that he knows yet again that 2023, is Yorubaland’s agenda and not an individual’s agenda.

It is therefore not enough for him to remind Ooni of who wanted him on the throne earlier and who did not because he wants to manipulate and poisoned Ooni’s mind.

Spiritually, the YLM believes that Ooni attain his stool because it was Olodumare’s WILL, whoever has a candidate then does not speak of Olodumare who made Ooni who he is today.

Hence, we implore the Ooni to be aware of who Obasanjo is as an individual against Yoruba race since 1968. The records are there to refer to.

Come 2023, Yoruba will rule Nigeria and God willing Asiwaju Tinubu remains our candidate.

~Bisi Omo Olubadan
President of YLM

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