Nigeria matter; Fundamental problem and not foundational curse, By Rafiat Adenike Atobatele.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


There is something fundamental that is lost in our society and this is the reason for lack of development in the society. This is the lack of discipline in each and every one of us. The discipline to follow the process of growth, the patience to follow through any process to a logical conclusion.

An example is majored in our educational system which is the bedrock of development. We follow the America/British method of education without the thorough discipline that is attached to it. An habit of ours is emulating the successes and the the processes.

Most of the America schools have extracurricular activities which prepare the students ahead for the future. Activities like sports, drama, agriculture, arts class, music, community development, science classes, volunteer work and so on. These clubs are just not for fun but they have grades apportion to it thereby giving rise to the students GP. These activities would also be included in the students CV making participation compulsory. Of all of these activities, community development is most important for youths. It actively prepares their minds for development and love for their community. Taking this away from the educational system makes education not as useful as it should be because what is education without morals. This is what is affecting us and causing setbacks in out country.

Most of our leaders, despite enjoying free education, lack the basic ingredients of discipline and love to prepare the society for development. We only priotize education without necessary application of morals so we have lots of unenlightened elites.

Most youths are not well prepared for the society they find themselves now. Leadership means a lot, it means influence. Because there is no major influence from the leadership of different stages of developmental stages of the youth, they are confused.

These are quite a few of the problems affecting us but we think is adding meaning to our lives;

-No censor board to monitor the inflow and outflow of several musical videos and music that are pushed out to the market for people to watch and listen to. Especially children. It’s highly uncommon for a kindergarten kid to sing rhymes for you now.

-The entertainment industry including actors, actresses, directors and script writers do not think well enough to produce films that influence the lives of their audience.

-Parents leave the responsibility of training their children to housemaids. Then they apply too much pressure on the kids to come out with good grades. While this may be a good push, sometimes it affects the child negatively because the major ingredients of child growth is lacking. Parents need to realize not everything is about money and boasting of the schools of their children.

-Teachers give special treatment to students whose parents contribute more to the school even when they’re supposed to be teaching equality amongst all.

-Our religion leaders have failed to influence their congregation in better ways. The love that needs to be spread has been lost and taken over by the love of money.

Every act if an individual plays a major part in how the society will turn out. Nigeria is blessed with good geographical areas and favorable weather conditions, beautiful cultures and beautiful people. Our attitude is the clause affecting the progress of our blessed country.

I therefore recommend community development and history as part of our curriculum activities in schools. Academic education ends in the classroom but real education is studied outside the classroom.

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