Man hung himself because his wife allegedly engages in extra marital affairs at Alagbado,Lagos state.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Abiodun Tijjani is a furniture maker who is staying with his wife of 12 years in a one room apartment in Abeokuta street, Alagbado, Lagos State hanged himself because of love of his wife who was allegedly engage in extra marital affairs.
He loves his wife and he feels he can’t do without her.

She sells drinks at the old toll gate in Ottawa but he suspects his wife was having extra marital affairs with men. This infuriated Tijjani and few days ago, while his wife was away at her drink shop, he gave money to his son to go and barb his hair, he then picked up a rope and hung himself to death.

Can you kill yourself because of love?

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