It is better late than never, glory be to God for this achievement.

I congratulates myself for this feet just achieved, not because of the certificate but, because of the tenacity of purpose and perseverance put in to actions before getting it accomplished at age 53.

Some people may be wondering and even underrating what is being celebrated by me because many of my mate have achieved this feet more than three decades ago, and many of them have become PhD holders while some are now professors, but one Yoruba adage says Kòsí’gbàtí adá’so, t’áòrí’lè fiwó àti wípé ohun tí Èèrà (Ant)  🐜 bále dágbé, níípèní Ìgannànkú.

I congratulates myself and those God used one way or the other to make this achievement achievable.

I would have celebrated this in a low-key, but because of the politics already introduced to this, so I need to set the records straight.

I conceived the idea of going back to school in 2018 after 39years of completing my secondary education at Ede Muslim Grammar school Ede in the year 1987, and this decision through the advice of my political mentor and leader who appointed me as member of my local government caretaker committee in 2017. Prior to this time, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s thinking was that I have been to tertiary institution to obtain at least a degree,but in one of my encounters with him, I made him understand the fact that I was just a secondary school certificate holder then and he was surprised and advised me to find a way of furthering my education. The advice which I later followed up in 2018 immediately I completed my 9 months caretaker membership.

I actually got all the needed results to further my education in 2019, but I lost hope in commence the part-time program I was planning for in 2019 because one of my daughters too was given an admission at the federal polytechnic Ede, so I have lost hope in that year admission because of financial constrains, and have started planning for the following years after all institutions I had in mind have closed their admission for the 2019/2020 academic sessions.


I was in my workshop at Faridah Adeleke Market at Dada Estate that fateful day when my phone rang and the caller was the honorable commissioner for works and transport in Osun, hon Omowaiye Oluremi and he asked me to come over to his GRA residence which I have never been to before.

He described the address for me and I rode to his residence on my Okada. On getting there the day, I met my big brother Bubbler Kunle Alabi and one other man I can’t recollect his name and the honorable commissioner started asking me about my plans for the year 2019. He sounded like someone who knew everything about my plans and I opened up to him about my plan to further my education in that year but, which was not achievable again due to the information available to me, but he told me that, Baba as many people fondly called me, you will commence your education this very year as planned, and I started laughing at him knowing fully well that all the institutions that I had in mind as at that time had closed their admissions until next academic sessions.

At that juncture he put a call across to somewhere I didn’t know until he concluded his conversations with the person at the other end, and told me to prepare for journey to Ife the following day to obtain admission form from The Polytechnic Ife. He actually collected my account details that day and asked me to have it in mind that I will start the program as scheduled that year though not at my choice institutions.

Before I got back to my shop that day, he has credited my account with the sum of Ten Thousand Naira #10k to  obtained the admission form Five thousand Naira #5k and the remaining balance for transport according to him.

To cut the story short, that was how I started the part-time program at the Poly Ife and he started paying the tutor fees every semesters until the whole arrangements was scattered a year and some months later.


The events that happened thereafter made me understand that, the gesture right from onset wasn’t done in good faith but, an attempt to pocket me and the reason is not far fetched. I am a well known diehard Aregbesola’s loyalist and the crisis that occurred along the line that made me to asked him not to send any money to me again pointed to this fact.

They (IleriOluwas) have already had it in mind to fight Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and one of their hatched plan was to start buying Rauf Aregbesola’s loyalists to their side to fight Ogbeni which to some extent succeeded, but in my own case, they failed because I used to tell them that I belong to Rauf Aregbesola caucus and it was because of Rauf Aregbesola that I supported Oyetola to succeed Ogbeni in 2018 even when I was at the vanguard of the struggles to achieve #Osun_West_Agenda then, but immediately Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola gave instructions that Asiwaju has directed him to make sure Oyetola becomes his successor, I made a U-turn and started canvassing and campaigning for him.

Initially at the beginning of Osun APC internal wranglings, I stood as a peacemaker in between the two groups IleriOluwa and Rauf Aregbesola’s loyalists and I did everything within my capacity to make peace with everybody until it clearly down on me that peace wasn’t achievable and I finally pitched my tent with my mentor.

Even as a diehard Raufist, I used to promote both Oyetola and Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola until I was challenged by the IleriOluwas to choose between Rauf Aregbesola and Oyetola and in the process of warning them of the likely consequence of their actions and inactions then, the IleriOluwas started using Remi Omowaiye’s gesture to attack me. It was at this juncture that I asked Oluremi Omowaiye not to send any money to me again because I never solicited for his help in the first instance and then I was about to complete my ND program ND2 first semester.

Because I wouldn’t want to be like them (The IleriOluwas) so as a result of this, I want to appreciate the former commissioner for works and transport in Osun, Hon Omowaiye Oluremi for his gesture though Ìbèrè kìíse oní’sé but, not withstanding there is no way I will write this history without mentioning his name for the roles he played. Firstly, I wasn’t aware of any School in Ife called The Poly before 2019 and secondly his gesture pushed me to start the program and when crisis occured, I made up my mind that I must complete the program without his input again and I give glory to God almighty that made it possible for me to be able to complete the program because I heard it from many of Oyetola attacking dogs 🐕🐕 that I was unable to complete the program again since I asked Remi Omowaiye to stop funding my education. One of the attacking dogs 🐕🐕 named prince Adesina Ayomide who is currently residing in UK once accused me of duping Omowaiye Oluremi with fake admission to the school which I never attended but, only used the avenue to collect monies from him. I knew they would be baffling how I made it to complete the program without their input again but, let me remind them that the dream of returning to school was without their input in my plans but only came by the ways.

Wónbó Géndé l’ójókan soso, wón l’órí gìlòtògiloto, ebámi biwón wípé sé Oúnje won l’óje d’àgbà ni?

To the mannerless prince Adesina Ayomide, a.k.a Prince, herein attached is my final examination statement of result.
You will never end well except you apologize to me openly for the characters assassination.

Alhamdulilahi kathira
Walilahil Amdu.

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