Iragbiji Indigenes Association (IIA) celebrates Aragbiji’s 12th years on the throne.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


On behalf of IRAGBIJI sons and daughters both home and abroad we felicitate with our kabiyesi Oba Abdul-Rasheed Ayotunde Olabomi on the occasion of 12th year Coronation anniversary.
We heartily congratulate the Kabiyesi, the Chiefs, High Chiefs and the entire people of Iragbiji on today’s occasion and we pray that God will continue to give Kabiyesi the grace, wisdom and good health to celebrate many more years on the throne.

Twelve years ago, when our Kabiyesi was installed as the Oba of Iragbiji, we were all happy and we prayed that during his reign as the Oba, the people of Iragbiji would begin to experience unprecedented development, and that peaceful coexistence would reign among the people of Iragbiji land. We thank God that twelve years after, our prayers have been answered. Currently, IRAGBIJI is the home of the Governor of the State and also known as one of the peaceful communities in the State.

As the custodian of culture and traditions, our traditional rulers play significant roles in ensuring that the interest of their subjects is taken care of and that the spirit of co-operation, communal living and peaceful co-existence for which Yoruba people are known is preserved. We appeal to you, therefore urge you to continue to help in fostering peace and harmony in order to help us in the effective discharge of our duties as Community Representatives.

Upon our appointment a few days ago, we promised to implement policies that will alleviate the sufferings of Iragbiji people. Creating a safe environment and alleviating poverty in the land is our watchword. We were challenged by the high rate of poverty activities as a result of the global pandemic which posed a threat to lives and property in the State, nation and world at large. However, with your rapid response via different reforms and distribution of palliatives to households in the town which is part of your recent development to curb this menace, Your leadership has achieved maximally and crime rates have reduced drastically.

We don’t want you to relent but to continue to assist the land in this direction because governance is a collective effort, especially in this democratic dispensation.

Our people need to be reminded of their civic responsibilities to the community and I strongly believe that your Highness would help us in this direction. Payment of taxes, keeping the environment clean, obeying government rules and keeping the laws of the land are our duties, and which enhance the peaceful environment.

We have been working to ensure we do not disappoint you. We would need more of your support to serve the land better.

Our administration is ready to provide the able leadership and will continue to evolve and execute a programme of actions to better the lots of our people. As enshrined in the responsibilities bestowed on us, We are pleased to support you to pursue an aggressive road rehabilitation in all our areas; provide an effective transportation system; potable water supplies, clean, neat and green environment; health facilities; functional and effective educational system; facilitation of sustainable food production through Agricultural revolution; empowering the youths for job creation; and facilitating investors to come and develop our tourism potential to encourage self-employment from the State and the federal government.

As we said earlier, we must not forget to play our own part as good citizens, and I know that our Kabiyesi would also not forget to play the necessary fatherly roles in ensuring peace and stability in Iragbiji land.

Once again, I heartily congratulate His Royal Highness, Oba Abdul-Rasheed Ayotunde Olabomi (Odundun IV), the chiefs and all the people of Iragbiji land on today’s 12th Coronation Anniversary. I wish our dear Kabiyesi, God’s guidance, good health, long life and prosperity on the throne.

Kade o pe lori,
Ki bata o pe lese,
Esin oba a jeko pe pe pe!



Alhaja Folake Fauziat Olaniyan
Interim PRO

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