Ìlo yáá, oníbodè Apòmùn. This history.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Ìlo yáá, oníbodè Apòmùn.
Òpèlè tíyófida’bo rè
Ajá tí wóolo.

The story behind this proverb goes thus👇

Onibode Apomu was the gatekeeper or the security guard at Apomu town in the ancient days. He was reputed to be a powerful man with great spiritual power.

He was also a Babalawo that consults the Ifa oracle on daily basis. His reputation as a fiery hunter spreads wide.

In all this, Onibode Apomu became relax as his initial glory became an intoxicant. He became so loose that enemies penetrated him.

Onibode Apomu’s secret weapon was his wife who she trusted and kept all secrets of his power with. It was through the wife who became wayward because of money and lack of conjugal duties by the husband that Onibode Apomu fell.

The wife of the powerful man was snatched by a relatively low profile man and all power to get her back proved abortive.

While ruminating about the situation, thieves stormed his house and cleared off all his belongings. Abominable act, you will say😁.

Neighbors who watched the development rushed to the town’s gatehouse to inform Onibode Apomu. In his rush to know what happened, he forgot his divination bag that house his opele.

On getting to the house, he wanted to enquire from Ifa what led to all his troubles but couldn’t see his Opele.
He ran back to the gatehouse only to see a dog playing with the divination bag. All efforts to collect it was futile as it ran away with the bag.

Onibode Apomu knew that the development portends bad omen hence he left Apomu.

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