I Survived Prostrate Surgery At The Age 82 – Ebenezer Obey

Veteran Nigerian musician, Ebenezer Obey has revealed how he survived a prostrate surgery that almost claimed his life.

The legendary musician said it was by the grace of God that he survived the surgery at the ripe age of 82

Obey shared his story while speaking to Saturday Punch, stating that despite his initial fears, Nigerian doctors and prayers aided his recovery.

He said, “It is by the grace of God that I survived prostate surgery at the age of 82. I thank God for bringing me out of a prostate enlargement surgery operation at Kelina Hospital, Lagos. I thank my friends, followers, fans and people of God for their prayers. Some people came to visit me in the hospital. I thank them all.

God told me I had not finished what he sent me to do on earth. He said He still had more assignments for me. I am also determined to do more of such works for Him. I will share the full testimony at my 82nd birthday on April 3.”

The veteran high-life musician also stated that he intended to release a song addressing prostate enlargement.

He said, “I also plan to release a song on the issue of prostate enlargement. I will talk about my experience and inform the public. It is a disease that usually afflicts males, and can happen to any man from the age of 40 and above. King Charles of Britain also had it. It is more dangerous when it is cancerous. I am grateful that mine was not cancerous. I am happy that I passed through it, and was congratulated when I survived it.”

Obey added that he had a major surgery on his legs two years ago. He revealed that though there were complications after the surgery, he also survived it by the grace of God.

Thank God for Baba Chief Ebenezer Obey 🙏


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