Human being to be moral,virtuous by modelling – By Professor Siyan Oyeweso.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Professor Abdulgafar Siyan Oyeweso, a professor emeritus of History delivers a powerful and educative lecture at the Baptist Lagos over the weekend and the lecture was centred on the current trends of the use of slangs by our upcoming artistes in composing and singing of their music, their dancing steps which he opined is very injurious and dangerous for the future of the upcoming youths.

He opined that human being to be moral, Virtuous by modelling the behavior of moral people and depending on their role models, people can learn both good and bad habits. Unfortunately, One of the challenges confronting Nigerian youths of today is the SHORTAGE of good role models or at least their recognition.

Our youths are bombarded in newspaper with celebration of thieves, murderers and Saboteurs with their fanciful houses, Cars, or flamboyant public donations to demonstrate wealth without questioning the source.

Merit and hard work are hardly any qualifications for elevation in many fields of endeavours in Nigeria today.

This is the case of a society where ROLE MODELS set bad precedents.

It is now trickling down to all facets: from father and Mother to Children, from teachers to the Students, from Politicians to the electorate, pastors and Imams to congregation, from manager to subordinates, and from Leaders to followers.

What do we have today? Foul Language by Musicians. Such music is accompanied by all kinds of funny dance steps such as AZONTO, ALANTA, ENUGBE and so on.

Nigerian youths are no longer entertained with good music. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be ready to hold the wayward musicians accountable and let them know that though they may claim that they are entitled to their erratic, eccentric and immoral behaviour, they are not permitted to destroy the future of the youths who adore and emulate them.. he submitted.

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