Hon Lekan Afolabi, Asoju rere comes to the rescue of Faruq,the talented product of broken home at Ikirun.

Honorable Lekan Afolabi who is currently representing Ifelodun/Boripe/Odo Otin federal constituency in the federal house of representative has come to the rescue of one boy named Faruq.

On Sunday, 1st December, 2019 – Alhaji Ibraheem Khalid (cleric, human rights activist and social crusader) posted a story on his Facebook about this particular boy called Farouq whose God’s given talent and future is under threat due to irresponsible and separated parent he has.

Alhaji Ibraheem Khalid provoked serious debate in his post and seek support of altruistic people for the well being of this lad in order to shame his careless parent.

As fate would have it, Hon. Afolabi Olalekan (Asoju Rere) saw this post and responded positively by asking one of his aides to enquiry about the situation and condition of the said boy and report back to him without further delay.

The aide carried out the instruction of his boss and finally Honorable Lekan Afolabi accepted to carry on the responsibility of the boy education, he said on quote >> am prepare to take up his school responsibilities. Please try to find him before you leave Ikirun and let us see how we can help the poor boy instantly”. (the message ended).

The boy had been located and all necessarily things about his education have been taken care of by Asoju rere.


Kudos to the good representative Honorable Lekan Afolabi.


More grease to your shoulder.

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