Governor Gboyega Oyetola; Breathing space,series 2 By Owoyokun Samson O.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Owoyokun Samson O

No government in the world is ever free from challenges, not one. There would always be system imperfections, policy instability, procedural errors etc. The ability to surmount emerging threats & encumbrances makes leadership; either to be popular or unpopular. Albeit, no government was designed for failure from the beginning.

The Osun of 2003 was marginally different from that of 1993 (Terminal ends of Chief Bisi Akande and Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke’s tenure). Same way, the looks on her in 2018 were miles apart from the 2010 colours. The wheels of governance is always rotating. What would always remain is Democratic norms and principles, history has a place for all, posterity beacons. Distractions and distractors are ingredients of politics; they are like the houseflies and mosquitoes. This time will also pass.

Back to Osun developmental indices I started days ago. Let’s play with few facts and figures. Shall we call it providence, coincidence or divine intervention? Do you know, that since creation of Osun State, Federal Government interactions in terms of Infrastructure and commitment has never being massive like we have it under Oyetola? It didn’t just happen by accident, strings and contacts were pulled, he knows & follows the way, these are results of consistent visits by Oyetola to Abuja. Abòdè Abuja re ooo.

Statistics reveals that budgetary provision of close to N90bn will be swinging for road rehabilitation & reconstruction within Osun and environs, assuming without conceding that 30% cash backup was released for the 2020 fiscal year for the numerous projects, our people: the skilled and unskilled workers will be patronized, more cash flow within, the economy will receive a leap. Osogbo – Ilesa (N825m), Ila Orangun – Oke Ila – Ilale Aka road linking Osun to Ekiti state (N5.1bn), Ibadan–Ife-Ilesa (N79.8bn), Gbongan-Iwo-Oyo (N2.8bn), Osogbo-Iwo (<N1bn),Lagere-Enuwa-MayFair dualization project, Osogbo-Ifon-Ogb

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