Goodbye is difficult….Tribute to my Father; By Adetunji Isaac Adelowo.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen



What a day! …. 8th December, 2020, that’s the day I will never forget. My father, the man that prepared
me for who I am, my best among supporters, my confidant and my honorary adviser, Chief Josiah Adebisi
Adetunji (BABA ALATE) answered the call to glory.

It’s difficult to describe my father. He was so simple with a pure heart. Like the Biblical David, he was a man after God’s own heart.

He meant everything to me. He is a man of his words and taught me to be disciplined, and love
everybody around me. One of the very many fatherly heritage he bequeath to me was that, from onset, he told me that hard work is the only solution to poverty. This has remained my guiding principle from childhood.

My father brought me up with love. With the help of God, he made me the man I am today and watched me growing
to become whom I am, by the grace of God.

My father was a prayer warrior. As instructed in the Bible to pray without season, he was faithful to this Biblical injunction till death. When we were growing up with my siblings, my father would pray three times before day break – before he sleeps, in the middle of the night and in the morning when he wakes up. In all, my father will pray for all his children by mentioning their names one after the other.

Without any iota of doubt, he loved his children and the family generally, sincerely. A
true family man he was!

Chief J.A ADETUNJI, was a successful Tailor in Ghana before he relocated to Nigeria, to continue his trade
where he derived the name, BABA ALATE. He was a master of whatever he decided to do. He was a great and
outstanding personality; truthful and honest in all ramification.

Although, my father is no more, his great
legacy lives forever. I doubt if the shoe he left behind can be filled by anyone. Dad, personally, I will miss you.

Baami, you are special to me. You were a great man and father that anyone would wish for. You will remain in my heart forever. How I
wish I was able to do enough for you before you go. I sincerely appreciate your love, your care, advice
and above all, your prayers. Damilola and Naomi keep asking me if truly Grandpa has gone. Thanks Dad for loving them. We will all miss you.

Dad, great men like you don’t die because they lives in the heart of men, your good work is here with us; your legacy will lives forever and I and all your children will keep celebrating you.

May the Lord bless your soul and rest you in his abode till we meet to part no more. If dead sees dead, greet my mother for me. Watch over us and don’t forsake us. Dad, keep watching over us and don’t stop
your prayer for us. Dad, we truly love you!


Goodbye to the best Dad in the world.

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