Eniwa foundation feeds Fasting Souls during the ongoing Ramadan 2023.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

The founder and originator of a Social/Political group with nomenclature Eni Wa Foundation, Alhaji Hon. Ademola Owoade in his usual manner of humanitarian services to his people has commenced the Feed of Fasting Soul during the ongoing Ramadan 2023 Fasting period.

The Philanthropist, a former and Pioneer LEADER of the HOUSE, IREWOLE North East LCDA, is well known in his Community IKIRE, IREWOLE LG of Osun State.for his quest to always better the life of his people in his little capacity.

In this year arrangements, he targeted and focus on Area Mosques called (Ratibi’s) with Cooked/finished foods and fruits/beverages for devoted Muslim souls fasting to break during the Iftar period.

The beneficiaries of the little gestures showered Prayers on the donor with “Warafanahu Monkana Aliyah” rented the air.

Hon. Ademola Owoade still use the opportunity to unveil his Foundation Logo that any of his supporters or loyalist can freely used as a Proud Fan of the Seasoned Politician of good repute.

He also use the avenues to urge the Muslims to pray fervently for the Nation’s stability and a quick prosperity as required by each and every Citizen of each of the 36 States, and our great Country Nigeria at Large..

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