In a notable stride towards inclusivity and innovation in governance, Nigerian President Bola Tinubu has taken a remarkable step by appointing Miss Orire Agbaje, a 400-level Economics student at the prestigious University of Ibadan, to the Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms. The appointment of a young and vibrant individual to such a crucial committee signifies the dawn of a new era in Nigerian politics, one that acknowledges the potential of the youth in shaping the nation’s destiny.

This pivotal decision to entrust a student leader with responsibilities concerning fiscal policy and tax reforms exemplifies a growing trend worldwide – the integration of young minds into the core fabric of governance. The importance of youth participation in government cannot be overstated; it is a potent catalyst for change, injecting fresh perspectives, boundless enthusiasm, and innovative solutions into the often complex arena of policy-making.

Miss Orire Agbaje’s appointment is not merely symbolic; it reflects a shift toward recognizing the intellectual prowess and potential of the youth. Her leadership of the Nigerian Universities Tax Club demonstrates not only her academic excellence but also her commitment to understanding and reforming the nation’s fiscal framework. It sends a powerful message that the leadership of tomorrow is capable of driving transformative change today.

This paradigm shift towards the inclusion of young people in policy matters brings numerous advantages. First and foremost, it enhances the diversity of voices and ideas at the decision-making table. Youthful perspectives often challenge established norms and offer out-of-the-box solutions to persistent challenges. With the pace of change accelerating globally, the integration of youth in governance helps governments remain agile and adaptable in the face of rapid transformation.

Furthermore, involving young individuals in critical committees and policy discussions nurtures a sense of ownership and civic responsibility among the youth. When young people actively contribute to shaping their nation’s future, they become more engaged and invested in the welfare of their country. This fosters a culture of patriotism, citizenship, and accountability, setting the stage for an empowered citizenry that actively participates in nation-building.

Miss Orire Agbaje’s appointment also underscores the essence of nurturing a strong, informed, and ethical youth community. Her academic journey as a 400-level Economics student is a testament to her dedication and intellectual growth. This aligns seamlessly with the broader vision of empowering the youth to take on key roles in society, not just for the present moment, but for a sustainable and prosperous future.

As a proud and patriotic Nigerian, I am inspired by the proactive steps taken by President Bola Tinubu. His decision to appoint a young and capable individual to a crucial committee speaks volumes about his commitment to innovation and progress. In the same vein, I am writing to express my unwavering dedication to the development of Nigeria.

In this spirit, I would like to offer myself as a potential candidate to serve as your Assistant during your tenure as President. I intend to contribute to the betterment of our great nation, and I am willing to do so without any salary or allowances. My motivation stems from a deep-seated love for Nigeria and a fervent belief in the transformative potential of dedicated individuals working towards a common goal.

My commitment to Nigeria’s development is absolute. With a strong educational background and a profound understanding of governance, I am confident in my ability to support you in your efforts to steer the nation toward prosperity. I am driven by a desire to actively participate in shaping policies, implementing strategies, and fostering collaborations that will elevate Nigeria’s standing on the global stage.

I wholeheartedly believe that through collective effort, visionary leadership, and unwavering determination, Nigeria can achieve remarkable feats. I share your vision for a Nigeria that is economically vibrant, socially just, and technologically advanced. By working closely with you, I aim to contribute my skills, insights, and creativity toward realizing this shared vision.

In conclusion, the appointment of Miss Orire Agbaje to the Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy and Tax Reform heralds a promising chapter in Nigerian governance. It exemplifies a broader trend of youth involvement in policy-making across the globe. This development not only brings diversity and innovation to decision-making but also nurtures a sense of civic responsibility among the youth.

As a devoted Nigerian, I extend my offer to be your Assistant without any salary or allowances, driven solely by the desire to contribute to our nation’s advancement. I stand ready to work tirelessly alongside you and fellow Nigerians to create a brighter future for our beloved country. Together, we can harness the energy, creativity, and potential of our youth to pave the way for sustainable progress and prosperity.

Adebusuyi Tobiloba ADELEYE
Ibala-Ijesa, OsunState

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