Embrace enterpreneurship ; Olamiju urges students.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


…says graduates should not wait for white collar jobs

The Special Adviser to State of Osun Governor on Public Health, Dr Olasiji Olamiju has challenged graduates of tertiary institutions in the country to pursue entrepreneurship and not rely solely in pursuit of white collar job.

The special adviser gave the charge at the maiden edition of the National Students’ Leadership Summit organised in honour of Honourable Taiwo Oluga by the National Association of Ayedaade Local Government Students (NAALGS) at NUT hall, Gbongon, on Thursday.

Olamiju who was Chairman of the occasion observed that though the society and education prepared students for white-collar jobs, urging them to learn practical skills, commit to their passion and be entrepreneurs even while in school.

He pointed out that entrepreneurship was the key to unlocking the doors of prosperity and personal fulfillments.

“The reality of today’s turbulent economy is that even the best graduates are likely to be without a job for relatively long periods of time after graduation; the solution to this problem lies in job creation through entrepreneurship,” Olamiju said.

“This is why, as a graduate, any education you acquired, whether formal or informal that cannot bring food to your table is a waste.

“In this new world characterised by dazzling speed and rapid change, graduates who excel are those whose best skill is thinking outside the box; be prepared to learn new things and acquire new skills.

“As I always say, even as a student, go and learn a skill because enterprenuership is the way. Don’t be among the dejected young Nigerians that have become frustrated because of the hope of getting white collar jobs that are non-existent.

On the youths’ involvement in politics, Olamiju explained that, the era of making fortune out of politics immediately after graduation is long gone, advising them to make a name for themselves first before aspiring to lead the society.

He summarised tertiary institution education as, “…a bundle of knowledge/exposure that will only make one to recognize an opportunity before it passes one bye.

“Pay attention to the needs of the society and find creative means to address those needs; money gravitates towards those who solve problems for others,” he concluded.

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