“Egbedore state constituency 2023,hurdles before Ibirogba”

“Egbedore state constituency 2023,hurdles before Ibirogba”

As the race for state house of assembly in the state of Osun begins, many things will stand against the second term bid of the honorable representing Egbedore state constituency in the state of Òsun house of assembly currently, Hon John Babatunde Ibirogba which are beyond none performance alone.

Immediately he became the honorable member house of assembly through the help of the former governor of the state of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, he has forgotten how he got the sit which was never meant for him but for Prince Akintola Omolaoye who was duly selected by the party leaders from Egbedore local government to fly the flag of our great party APC, but the game changed later when the former governor directed that Ibirogba’s name should be submitted to INEC as the candidate of our party. The decision that never go down well with Prince Omolaoye and the leaders, and which led to litigation for some times before Prince Omolaoye was prevailed upon to withdraw the case.

Poor political student that he is, failed to understand the reality that he wasn’t the one people actually voted for, but the influence and love of Rauf Aregbesola made people voted for him then and instead to consolidate on the gains of party unity and build on it, he dichotomized the party from ward level when he started sideline some people and began see himself as the Lord of the party being the incumbent honorable. “Power intoxication”

His second undo is the traditional title he got from hometown which a good politician should have jettison and support another candidate from their lineage to build more political base and opt for honorary title like “Oluomo of Ara”  which he was promised by the Alara of Ara then immediately after the new monarch was installed with his support as the honorable representing Egbedore state constituency in the state of Osun house of assembly but, he insisted he wanted the traditional title which in fairness with him he is also entitled to being from Are Ago compound that owe the title traditionally.

Despite not been the popular choice for that title, he made use of his political influence to mount serious pressure on the Alara of Ara kingdom and he was eventually installed as Ara Ago of Ara kingdom on May 7th 2020.

This step has created more political enemies for him in Ara his hometown and not because he was installed as Are Ago alone,but because of the ways he handled the matter among the other aggrieved party from the same family.  A reasonable and responsible person would have sought  and make peace with the other aggrieved person who are members of the same family with him, but he rather resorted to names calling and all sorts of unpalatable words to fuel more angers within the family circle. Up till this moment,the matter is still before the court of law for adjudication. “Àbámòn k’ámón seé, asétán ódi aápon”

In fairness with Honorable Ibirogba, within the short period he became the honorable representing Egbedore state constituency, he has done his best at least by empowering some small scale business with token of #10k each for at least more than 40 persons and also drilled some motorized boreholes in some wards across the local government area , but this alone to those that understand politics is never the yardstick to determine the return ticket but the way you related with your constituents matter most especially when you are mingling with them from time to time.

Honorable Babatunde Ibirogba has created more enemies than friends since he emerged as the honorable representing Egbedore state constituency, he allowed the power to get to his head by refusing to listen to the words of wisdom from those that understand politics more than him, it is not by age atimes but, by experience.
As the things stand now, even if he is given the return ticket from the party APC, winning the general election will be an herculean task for the party for it will be easier for a camel 🐪 to pass through the eye of a needle than for Ibirogba Babatunde to win the re-election bid.

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