Disprove World Bank —- APC Challenges PDP

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Disprove World Bank —- APC Challenges PDP

Osun PDP and its Chairman have been challenged by the APC to disprove the World Bank’s assessment that the APC-led government’s performance was the best in Nigeria.

The APC insisted that, “if the PDP cannot produce evidence to contradict the World Bank’s assessment, then that party and its Chairman should hide their heads in shame.”

The above was how the APC reacted to the World Bank’s award to Osun as the best performing state in Nigeria on project implementation.

In a statement released in Osogbo today and signed by the party’s director of publicity, research and strategy,  Kunle Oyatomi, the APC asserted that;

“Nothing can be more dishonourable than the recklessness with which the PDP had been spreading outright falsehood and misleading propaganda against the APC government in the last eight years.

“So pervasive had been the PDP propaganda and lies that it virtually created a negative impression across the country that Osun was being plundered and misgoverned by the APC

“Today, however, to the utter shame and disgrace of the PDP, the World Bank has declared Osun the best performing state in Nigeria on rural access and mobility projects.

“Besides, the Bank singled out the state as a strong performer on project implementation in the country. The fact speaks for itself.

“Of especial importance to any objective observer should be the World Bank’s statement that highlighted, ‘the high sense of diligence and commitment displayed by the state government that earned it the award.

“The question now is, who do we want to believe?; the World Bank with credible data or the PDP and Adagunodo who have a notoriety for lies and criminally misleading propaganda?” the APC asked.

“We dare the PDP and its Chairman to produce facts and figures to prove the World Bank wrong.”

The APC however told the PDP that, “if it cannot contradict the World Bank, it should have the dignity to apologize to the country for its irresponsible conduct of misleading the public about what has been happening in this state,” the APC concluded.

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