Care of the penis

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Its relatively sad that some men still don’t take good care of their penis hence encouraging bacteria, infections,loss of erection,killing of spermatozua,and even infertility.

1 Change your boxers every day(I repeat everyday and wash it immediately after use to avoid the growth of bacteria.Stop keeping it for days)

2 Always endeavor to sleep on pyjamas or naked at night to allow night erection to occur the penis also do breath.

3; If u have a big penis wear a swimming pant before boxers to avoid uncomfortable bulge during the day time this causes a lot of embarrassment

4;Shave your pubic hair at least twice a week,pubic hair has its way of making the penis to smell.

5;If you notice any boil or rashes around the penis please visit the hospital stop self medication. It can lead to infertility,

6;Eliminate tobacco ie avoid smoking and alcoholic consumption.

7;Exercise regularly.

8;sleep well.

9;Avoid mastubation,although some doctors approve of it

10;Don’t allow anyone to hit you on the penis.

11;Take time to wash the penis thoroughly while bathing, don’t forget to bath at least twice a day.

12;Treat all STDs immediately and make sure you get yourself tested after the treatment, remember STDs can also be gotten from the toilets and public urinaries
Not only through sexual intercourse.

13 Avoid rough sex ( doggy style etc..😅😃 it can damage and break the penis.

14;Sir use water to clean up after pee.

15;Avoid sleeping on your scrotum

16;Avoid sexual enhancement drugs please.. It side effects are enormous.

17; ask that lady to clean her thing too 😆😆

18; Below job is okay but avoid sharp teeth ladies oo😆😃

19; Avoid black underwears it draws heat towards the scrotum thereby destroying the spermatozua.

Remember cleanliness is next to Godliness. God bless u.

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